Although the word “auditor” may conjure a dry, numbers-crunching position, the office is much more than that. A strong moral compass, savvy political skills, and public leadership are all necessary parts of the job. Bump has them all, in spades, and will improve the efficiency and honesty of state government, regardless of which party is in power.

In addition, Bump has laid out an impressive plan for updating and refocusing the long-stagnant office. She understands the possibilities of the position, and its limitations. She deserves your vote.

Massachusetts is lucky to have an effective, veteran set of United States representatives — including BARNEY FRANK, who deserves special commendation for one of the most impressive legislative sessions we’ve seen from a congressman in many years. A little more than two years ago, Frank took the lead in rescuing the country’s banks, without handing then-treasurer Hank Paulson the blank check he wanted — Paulson later praised Frank effusively in his memoir. Since then, Frank has helped steer the financial sector from the brink, while passing landmark consumer credit-card protection and financial-industry reform.

There is one opening in the state’s delegation, brought on by the retirement of Bill Delahunt, who leaves big shoes to fill after 40 years of public service. Despite his staunch liberalism, Delahunt never had trouble reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans on issues that mattered most to him and the people he represented. It’s a lesson many legislators today should take to heart.

Delahunt was Norfolk County district attorney before going to Washington, and to succeed him, we recommend the man who holds that same office: BILL KEATING. Keating has a superb, progressive policy background from his seven terms as state senator, in addition to his strong track record as DA.

NIKI TSONGAS has proven herself to be far more than just the former senator’s widow; she has compiled an impressive voting record — showing herself willing to take liberal positions rather than play it safe — and a dedication to development issues in her hard-hit district. She deserves re-election.

So does JOHN TIERNEY, who has become a leading expert in Congress on international and intelligence matters. While not as flashy as some of his Bay State colleagues, Tierney is doing the hard work behind the scenes. The recent prosecutions relating to his brother-in-law are no poor reflection on the congressman, who has been an upright and trustworthy representative.

So has STEVE LYNCH, whom we also endorse. Lynch has disappointed us on a number of votes on issues such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and abortion, which led us to recommend his challenger in the Democratic primary. However, Lynch has been right far more often than he’s been dead wrong — standing firmly for the rights of gays, immigrants, and laborers, for example — and should be re-elected.

JIM McGOVERN, another deserving incumbent, has become one of our state’s most impressive, and most important, voices in Washington, as the second-ranking Democrat on the powerful Rules committee. Yet he continues to ruffle feathers through his fierce advocacy for human rights and freedom — including his call for an end to the Cuban embargo — and has also helped fuel a resurgence in Worcester.

Massachusetts voters are also asked to consider three ballot questions this year. We believe one should get your support, and the other two deserve defeat.

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