Although the GOP made some gains in the General Assembly, essentially their power went from that of a bean shooter to a cap gun. Sorry to see a worthy ally like Chuck Levesque get bumped off, however. And we are still imploring Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed not to pick the disgraceful "Rubbers" Ruggerio as House Majority Leader. The Biggest Little is already enough of a political national joke after Caprio's arrogant punk comment, and we don't need more face time on The Daily Show.

Nationally, the betting pool on how long it will take Tea Party electees to be co-opted in Congress by the GOP is formally open. P+J recommend that you don't pick any dates outside of two months from now. (Rand Paul is off the board, since he has already become one of Mitch McConnell's lap dogs.) Somewhere the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch are smiling.

And as far as corruption on Capitol Hill goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet, now that the disgusting reptile John "QT" Boehner is due to become Speaker of the House. In case you don't remember — and certainly no mainstream media source ever brings it up — Boehner was the congressman who in the 1990s, actually went around proudly handing out checks from the tobacco lobby to his Republican colleagues in public view on the floor of the House (a practice since banned). He is totally bought and paid for by Corporate America, Big Oil, Big Biz, and Wall Street and makes no bones about it. Welcome aboard, Tea Baggers.

With the House now in GOP control and the Senate still enjoying a Democratic majority, we can look forward to two years of absolutely nothing of import being done. Wonderful. So as we said at the top, assume the position. And we hope you paid attention on where to call to get that KY.


P+J did find out something new in some US Senate contests. We discovered that, in 2010, Americans like boxers (Barbara in California) but not wrestlers (Linda in Connecticut). At Casa Diablo we've been wondering how a candidate for US Senate in Maine with the name Joanne Mixed-Martial Arts would make out.


Among the dwindling revenue streams that keep Casa Diablo up and running in these hard times are the quarterly residual checks we receive from the Screen Actors Guild for celluloid hijinks committed over a decade ago (thank you, Peter and Bobby Farrelly). We recently received a communiqué from SAG central command in Los Angeles with no check but, nonetheless, vital information enclosed.

It seems that the Screen Actors Guild had, for a number of decades, made a hash of things in Europe, cutting a secret deal with a number of film studios that meant performers weren't getting their due when it came to royalties. A action lawsuit against SAG, on behalf the performers, has now yielded a settlement proposal.

The case was Ken Osmond v. Screen Actors Guild Inc., and yes, the plaintiff and "representative of the Class" is that Ken Osmond aka Eddie Haskell, cult icon to a generation. Indeed Haskell, in his post-Beaver career, became a law enforcement officer in the city of Los Angeles, therefore wise to the ways of the criminal justice system.

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