When Thom was first diagnosed with a brain tumor almost four years ago, the doctors gave him six months to live. Thom would have none of it and immediately went on a severe health regimen to keep playing as long as he could. His courageous battle to keep going, to keep playing, was an incredible inspiration to everyone who knew him and especially the local musicians who were already in awe of him.

Thom Enright was a great musician and an even greater man.


A big tip of the sombrero to JARhead TV reporter Parker Gavigan, whose recent exposé of Gayle Corrigan, the chief of staff for Central Falls receiver Bob Flanders, ran on Channel 10 last week. It was one of the best pieces of investigative journalism we've seen in these parts for awhile.

Not that you'd know this from reading the Urinal. For some reason, the BeloJo hasn't run one line to date (this column goes to bed late Tuesday, five days after Gavigan broke the news), and we are not seeing it pop up in any other media outlets, which is puzzling to P&J — unless, of course, the great minds on Fountain Street are totally embarrassed by Gavigan's reports and hope not to draw any attention to this asleep-at-the-wheel episode. (Too late, folks.)

Or perhaps it is just not news when the $100-per-hour chief of staff in a city which has declared bankruptcy (and who, with her hand-picked aide at $60 per hour, will pull in more than $300,000 combined this year) was terminated at her previous employer, Senesco Marine, for what looks like a kickback scheme.

You decide from the Senesco-authored document filed with the Rhode Island Commission on Human Rights and obtained by Gavigan: "Gayle Corrigan was terminated for cause as a result of her violating her fiduciary responsibility duties to Senesco Marine, LLC, while an officer of the company. Unbeknownst to Senesco, Gayle Corrigan had incorporated and was surreptitiously running a staff leasing company which provided contract labor to Senesco, from which she was profiting."

Wait, there's more! Senesco also fired Corrigan's mother for allegedly forging her daughter's time records. P&J are unsure if Corrigan's mother is now helping her tot up her hours spent for Flanders and CF.

One would assume that for Flanders' own nearly $400,000 receivership salary, he might make sure that his chief of staff hadn't been axed from a previous position for conduct unbecoming.

Three hundred thou could keep half the kids in this financially ravaged municipality eating for a year. And if you are going to bleed a city dry, at least have the courtesy to make sure those doing it to the residents are clean.

And did we mention that when you add in outside lawyers' fees, the amount the state projects to spend on Flanders and the CF catastrophe is over $1 million? That's a lot of empanadas, or drinks at Capriccio's, depending what side of the abyss you are living on.


Back in the good old days, President Tricky Dick Nixon wore what came to be known as "Nixon pants" — belting one's suit drawers about equidistant from the navel and the nipples, cinched tight in a bizarre anatomical "no man's land."

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