This was a truly unique and wonderful entertainment and we've got to hand it to Ms. Amy and the folks at the German Club, a little gem in the heart of the Bucket. It's well worth your while to check out what's happening at the German-American Cultural Society throughout the year.


Last week we announced the Rhode Island Rally Against the War on Women. Details are still being worked out but we can tell you that the rally is set for Saturday, April 28 at the State House. Speakers will include our fabulous former Secretary of State and head ramrod at Channel 36, Rhode Island's PBS station, Susan Farmer. We had announced that the veteran activist Joyce Katzberg would be singing but she informs me that she is unable to make it. RI's favorite troubadour, Mark Cutler, will be performing and, of course, Phillipe & Jorge will be there. There's much, much more, but as the event is still in the planning stages, we have nothing else to report. Save the date, though, this is going to be really big.


"God says that we are going to hell, but not in a bad way." P&J are relieved to know that we are going to hell in a good way. We're sure that you are too.


Two cases, in recent days, of the establishment trashing an individual's reputation in order to protect its own. Which was worse?

First, the thieves and criminals at Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street Journal tried to tarnish departing Goldman exec Greg Smith, who wrote a devastating op-ed in the New York Times calling the firm's culture "toxic and destructive" and reporting the company's traders referred derisively to their clients as "muppets," while bleeding them white at any opportunity with whatever junk bonds or derivatives they could unload on the unsuspecting.

But Smith, at least, had to know he'd be called a low-level apparatchik and a lying, disgruntled employee by his former bosses and their boosters. (Now you know why long ago Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, the only national reporter with the balls to explain how Wall Street has and continues to screw Americans left, right and sideways, called Goldman a "giant vampire squid.")

Meanwhile down in sunny Florida, Trayvon Martin, the black kid in a hoodie who dared cut through a gated community and was blown away for his indiscretion, is now being portrayed — through carefully placed leaks to the local paper — as a truant, dope-smoking, unprovoked assailant (motive still in draft form at police HQ), a far cry from a youth walking home with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea, talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone. This doesn't explain why the man who shot him dead was never arrested, but hey, the boy was, well, you know, not one of "us."

At least Smith was capable of laughing in the face of those who tried to smear him after he unleashed the truth. As for those who now trash Trayvon, he is sadly unable to defend himself.


The BeloJo reported on Tuesday that a bill has been introduced in the Rhode Island House to issue a special license plate to the retired former Chief Judge of the Family Court, Jeremiah S. Jeremiah, Jr. The additional registration charge usually associated with special plates will be waived. Since the General Assembly is busying itself with such activities, we can only surmise that the Biggest Little's economic crisis must be almost ovah.

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