King Romney is having a bit of trouble coming to terms with Prince Ryan's much-talked-about budget. One minute Romney is for it, then he's not quite against it because he has a plan of his own, then he says the Romney plan incorporates the Ryan plan.

It is all so much bullshit, or cow patties as delicate folks might prefer.

Ryan's budget is more radical than anything ever proposed by Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan, the father and son of modern American conservatism. That makes Ryan the holy ghost, as his budget is the spookiest thing to hit Washington since the Republicans tried to repudiate the national debt and renege on paying bond holders what the government owed them.

Here is how Ronald Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, described Ryan's budget: "The Ryan Plan boils down to a fetish for cutting the top marginal income-tax rate for 'job creators' — i.e., the superwealthy — to 25 percent, and paying for it with an as-yet-undisclosed plan to broaden the tax base. Of the $1 trillion in so-called 'tax expenditures' that the plan would attack, the vast majority would come from slashing popular tax-breaks for employer-provided health insurance, mortgage interest, 401(k) accounts, state and local taxes, charitable giving and the like, not to mention low rates on capital gains and dividends."

The Ryan plan would amount to the largest transfer of wealth from the bottom of the economic pyramid to the top in American history. It makes Herbert Hoover seems like a piker; Calvin Coolidge a socialist.

In the funhouse that is the 2012 campaign, Ryan and Romney have hit upon the $740 billion-plus in Medicare cuts that are part of President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

R&R say that $700 billion will destroy Medicare.

That's a lie.

Romney and Ryan have proposed a cut of the same size. Obama's cut takes money from insurance companies. R&R take it from the recipients.

It is a difference as stark as black and white, night and day.

The Republican's Romney-Ryan ticket may not be as crooked as the Nixon-Agnew ticket in 1968, or as hapless as the McCain-Palin duo in 2008, but it hits a new low in terms of deceit and common decency.

Whatever the outcome in November, Romney and Ryan are destined to go down in history as the Beavis and Butt-head of American politics.

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