WHAT Bilbo Baggins's eleventy-first birthday party, a/k/a "The Long-Expected Party." We've been looking forward to this for 111 years! (His nephew Frodo, on the other hand, isn't quite expecting what the lovely, precious ring he's about to get from Bilbo will mean for him...)

WHERE Hobbiton, Open Sky Farm, Sumner. Please note the round wooden doors that have recently appeared in some of our slopes and hillsides!

WHEN 11 am to 11 pm September 22, a/k/a the First of Winterfilth, which is also designated Hobbit Day, in honor of the birthdays of both Bilbo and Frodo, in 1290 and 1368 respectively, by Shire-Reckoning. (That's 2890 and 2968 in the Third Age for non-hobbits.)

WHAT TO WEAR A hobbit costume — warm colors and earth tones, with men in high-waters and suspenders or vests, and women in floral sundresses. (Loose, curled hair optional.) Alternately, dress as another Lord of the Rings character, but Saruman only when he's good, and (this should go without saying) please, no Sauron.

IMPORTANT NOTE No LARPing. As we wish to enjoy the peaceful hobbit life, we'd really rather not have your sword, your bow, or your axe. Please store them in a safe place, preferably away from creatures (or things) the Uruk-hai might smell.

WHAT TO BRING $15 cash; $5 for kids over 10; under 10 free — includes two meals at the Uruk and Dwarf Café. (And we're serious about that costume thing; in human clothes, prices double. Yes, even for the under-10s.)

PLANNED EVENTS Traditional hobbit lawn games, children's storytelling, a Wizard's Den, a hobbit dance workshop (with Nevaeh Dance Company). Live music from Johnny "Bombadil" Crashed and the Rednecks, the Lazzlo "Middle Earth" Family Band, elf-band Harper and Minstrel, and the headliners, Tricky Hobbits' Britches.

PRESENTED BY Cow Pasture Productions, who honor the freedom-loving, pipeweed-smoking ways of JRR Tolkien's hobbits. (Company head Jonathan Leavitt also headed the medical-marijuana dispensaries ballot initiative in 2009.)

RSVP No need, but if you wish to help set up or otherwise volunteer, please email Directions and more details at

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