Brown University political science professor Wendy Schiller had an interesting comment in Ed Fitzpatrick's column in the Urinal on the recent flap over EngageRI and the blot it's left on the treasurer's shiny image. "Unless she comes up with a good narrative (read: bullshit explanation — P&J) to counter this depiction that she only cares about the rich, she is going to have a big problem in the primary," Schiller said, adding, as Fitzpatrick paraphrased, that "Raimondo will need to emphasize her own story of growing up in a blue-collar family in Smithfield and succeeding in the 'traditionally man's world' of business."

Well, Wendy, since the "traditionally man's world" of business is populated with greedy, morally and ethically bankrupt scumbags like Enron's late Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff, Jamie Dimon, and Lloyd Blankfein, perhaps grouping oneself with those soul-sucking, taxpayer-bilking creeps is not the wisest strategy.


For those interested in music and/or Vo Dilun history (and your superior correspondents suspect that covers the vast majority of the Cool, Cool World readership), we highly recommend the recently published The Night the Music Ended: The Station Nightclub, March 2000-February 2003 (The Merry Blacksmith Press) by former Kent County Daily Times reporter Marilyn Bellemore. The book covers not just the horrific fire at the club, but the heyday of the Station.

As the only reporter to interview the many performers who played at the Station over the years, survivors, first responders, and victims' families, Bellemore was uniquely positioned to write the definitive story of the club.

The Night the Music Ended is available at the Barnes & Noble bookstores in Smithfield and Middletown, Island Books, the Other Tiger, Wakefield Books, and Looney Tunes II. You can purchase the book and meet the author at the Middletown Public Library on January 10 from 6 to 7:30 pm and in Providence at Books On the Square in Wayland Square on January 11 from 7 to 8:30 pm.


The Newtown elementary school shooting is horrific on the face of it, so not much more to be said there — just tears to be shed. But we will comment on the media coverage, which has been obscene, to say the least.

The wildly inaccurate reports on the calamity, at the outset, were enough to knock the idea of credible journalism on its ass. And the feeding frenzy, especially by the TV news talking hairdos who raced to the scene of the carnage, was pure media pornography. To paraphrase a famous old line about porno, you might not be able to describe it, but you know it when you see it.

You could almost see the "this is going to be great for my career" thought bubbles over TV folks' heads as they sought out grief-stricken parents, and even more hideously, local schoolchildren still reeling from the tragedy to interview. Do you have no sense of decency, sirs?

This is what our national media has become, a bunch of bottom-feeding, if-it-bleeds-it-leads morons, who think a sobbing adult who has lost his or her child or a traumatized elementary school child makes for good TV. Think again.

Sorry, time for P&J to take a shower after watching far too much of this "journalism."

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