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By  |  June 5, 2013

While we have always been partial to the terms "spaccone" (meaning "a loudmouth or braggart") and "cavone" (a disrespectful person with no class), the Bud-I has also been a booster of the word "brulion," going so far as to calling the show "the brulion barrier."

It could be that we are spelling this word wrong, but we can't find the word or its definition on the Internet. The only reference to "brulion" P&J found was a Polish magazine famous a few decades ago with the Warsaw underground for exposing scandals.

We could use a little help here, so if someone can provide us with a reference for (and, perhaps, the proper spelling of) "brulion," we'd be grateful. And, while we're at it, we did find a word that might be worth reviving: "cicciobomba" which translates as "a fat slob."


Anyone who has done a reasonable amount of driving over the years is sure to have one highly tuned skill: the ability to identify a Ford Crown Victoria in the rear view mirror from at least a mile away.

That's because Rhode Island state troopers have been driving the distinctive Crown Vics for decades, and if you're stupid enough to not know what they look like, you probably paid a few speeding tickets in your day.

Mark Reynolds did an excellent story in the BeloJo on Sunday about how, since production of the Crown Vic ended with the 2011 model, the staties are now transitioning over to a mix of other Ford models, Chevys, and Dodges. Never mind how this will probably improve things for the troopers in terms of speed, handling, and the addition of more high-tech equipment than a video game arcade inside the vehicle. The problem for motorists is the damn things don't stand out in traffic.

The only foreseeable hope, pointed out to P&J by a friend who is a former statie, is that any trooper six feet tall or over may have trouble keeping their famed park ranger-style hats on while driving — a requirement that goes back to the days of legendary head of the staties Walter Stone, who would reportedly suspend any trooper for a day without pay if he were ever caught with his hat off in a patrol car.

So look for the hat when you're on the road, kids. It's your only chance once the last of the Crown Vics goes to the car compacter.


As always, there's lots of great music happening all over the Biggest Little, but the highlight this week is a rare appearance by the great jazz singer, Kim Marcoux.

Kim spends half of the year in Mexico so she only does about one or two shows a year in these parts. On Sunday, June 9, she will be at the Ocean Mist in Matunuck with a crack band: Artie Cabral on drums, Marty Ballou on bass, Greg Warson on piano, and Arnie Krakowsky on sax. If you're a jazz fan, you know all those names and will want to get down there to the beach to catch this show. It starts at 3 pm.


Cock-eyed optimists that P&J are, we gave some people the impression in our item last week about the highly successful Urban Pond Day at Mashapaug Pond that the water there is fine and dandy for swimming and fishing. Organizer Lucia O'Reilly informs us, "The point of the project is that it is NOT safe to swim in the pond or to eat the fish — and that it pollutes the whole Lower Pawtuxet watershed." So take note. And that's probably the first time we've been accused of being too positive in our comments.

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