Billary rides again

Waiting for the shoe to drop; missing McCarthy
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  June 11, 2014

Phillipe and Jorge have been forced into writing about Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton due to the recent media onslaught following publication of her new memoir, Hard Choices. So you can either decide to read on, or hit yourself in the middle of the forehead with a two-by-four. (Note: Home Depot has the best wood bargains.)

Naturally, Hillary says she hasn’t yet determined if she will be a presidential candidate in 2016. Right. And Vlad the Bad Putin doesn’t like being photographed with his shirt off.

When she does take this inevitable step, she will be banking on her long service as First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State for street cred. But the “first woman president” angle will be worked harder that a plow horse. In fact, P&J foresee her riding that “gal” horse all the way to the November 2016 election, a guaranteed 28 months of agony for the general public. Look for a few headline-grabbing moves such as floating the idea of having a new presidential seal crested with Whistler’s mother, encircled by the line, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” in honor of Hill’s feminist background. The unannounced campaign has already locked in their theme song, Katy Perry’s “Roar,” to appeal to younger females who can help Clinton clear the ultimate hurdle. May P&J suggest adding the video of Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue and twerking to “Bad Girls” on the “Clinton for President” website?


Just prior to the Phoenix’s deadline last week, we learned of the untimely passing of the great singer, Dennis McCarthy. It was a shock to everyone in the Rhode Island music community and, at the time, many people still had not heard about it. This week, we contacted a number of his fellow musicians and asked them for their thoughts or an anecdote about Dennis.

KLEM KLIMEK, MEMBER OF RIZZZ, COLLABORATOR WITH NRBQ: Dennis really LOVED to sing. And he LOVED to talk about songs and singers and share his joyful appreciation of their stylings and nuances. He had very natural hand movements and his smiling presence looked good in front of good musicians. ‘Groovemaster’ was an apropos title.

He had an arsenal of tunes to fit all those bags. On the stand, Dennis was more apt to call out the next song by its feel rather than by its title. “Rhumba in G,” “Slow Blues in A,” etc. You’d find out what song you were playing once he started singing the lyrics. Of course, his approach could backfire if the cats misheard the key or couldn’t sync up. I was always amused when he would cut off an imminent train wreck a minute into the song. On to the next try.

I learned a lot about fronting a pick-up band from him. It was nice to get to see his son Jefferson watching him closely from the audience at Nick A Nees this past year. It was an honor to sing background for him at “A Time For Thom” [last year’s remembrance of Thom Enright at the Met].

Some of my favorite Dennis songs: “Spanish Harlem,” “Pressure,” “Woodstock,” “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone,” “To Love Somebody,” and “People Get Ready.”

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