The one-third majority

Doing the mayoral math; a word for the Warriors; get your sparkly on
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  July 16, 2014

The entrance of former mayor Buddy “Vincent A.” Cianci into the Providence mayoral campaign has claimed its first casualty in local businessman Lorne Adrain, who announced on Monday he was quitting the race.

Although he didn’t say it outright, Adrain, who is highly respected locally as a former RI Board of Governors for Higher Education chairman, among other civic involvements, appears to have been pushed out of the running by the spectre of the Bud-I taking advantage of split votes among Democrats, Republicans, and other independents to reclaim his former office.

Adrain is right on the mark with his fears and suspicions. The Bud-I is a master of the multiple-candidate race, because he can count on at least one-third of the vote in La Prov just by rolling out of bed in the morning, past indiscretions (including the mere matter of a felony and time spent at the government’s pleasure) notwithstanding. In his last reinvention in 1990, Cianci won a mayoral ménage a trois by a whopping 317 votes. And as this race shaped up, with a Dem, GOP choice, and another Indie (Adrain) in the race, that appeared to be clearly playing to Buddy’s strong suit.

Meanwhile, the key Democratic rivals will get their own taste of three-way politics in the primary, with Michael Solomon, Brett Smiley, and Jorge Elorza all having their eyes on the prize of representing their party in the general election. From the Casa Diablo viewing window, it is unlikely the winner of that showdown will take more than 50 percent of the vote, as all three candidates draw from strong and somewhat varied constituencies.

P&J are not normally gambling men, but we’re tempted to put a flutter on the idea of the Bud-I licking his chops about his chances with that diehard 33 percent in his back pocket, and winding up the last man standing. Believe it, brother.

And sleep tight, Roger Williams.


P&J always enjoy receiving new books to sate our thirsty literary minds. So P. was delighted to learn the prize he won in a recent Wounded Warrior Project benefit golf tournament was two new hardcovers. Imagine his surprise and joy when he saw they were two tomes by P&J’s BFF Ed Achorn — editorial page editor and vice president at the Urinal — both about the early days of baseball in the US, including Fifty-Nine in ’84, about old-time Providence Grays pitcher “Old Hoss” Radbourn.

Naturally, since both books are about baseball, they will go to the top of the Casa Diablo recommended reading list. This should delight Mr. Achorn, who remains none too fond of P&J for our comments about his wife, Valerie Forti, who infamously mismanaged funds that were supposed to go to needy young local scholars while serving as head of the doomed nonprofit, the Education Partnership. (P&J can only imagine the pillow talk in their household, given Eddie’s ongoing attacks of the teacher’s unions in the Biggest Little.) Well, as they say, it’s a one degree of separation state. We’ll give our review once we get through these new literary treasures.

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