The First Annual Spotty Awards

By JOHN CARROLL  |  September 6, 2006

But here’s the luckiest-candidate part:

Both of her opponents are named Diaz.

Tell me they won’t split the Diaz vote.

Republican Samiyah Diaz, as it happens, is herself running — wait for it — a sticker campaign, but she actually has an ad on local cable TV. The spot has all the production values of a high-school project, alternating footage of padlocked, boarded-up properties with the iron-barred windows of residential buildings. A narrator says, “Crime: It makes people live behind bars in Boston.”

Maybe that’s why no one can get any signatures in the Second Suffolk.

The MTV “Pimp My Résumé” Award
This one goes to Deb (“Don’t Call Me Deborah”) Goldberg, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Goldberg’s first TV spot has a narrator saying, “Deb Goldberg: as chair of Brookline’s selectmen, she increased firefighters when most towns cut them.”

Well . . . not so much. As former Brookline TAB columnist Jim Conley noted in his blog, what the town actually did was replace nine firefighters who had retired.


We’ll leave you with this sneak preview of the Gubernatorial Spottys, which will appear in this space sometime before Election Day.

The Felix Unger "When You Assume, You Make an Ass of You and Me” Award
Last week the Boston Globe reported on the Democratic gubernatorial slapfight over the state income tax, which Deval Patrick wants to leave at 5.3 percent, Tom Reilly wants to cut to 5 percent, and Chris Gabrieli proposes in a new ad to reduce by “devoting 40 percent of any revenue increase to a tax cut.”

Gabrieli’s ad, according to the Globe story, omits one important detail: his plan would devote 40 percent of state-revenue growth above inflation to a tax cut.

A Gabrieli spokesman told the Globe, “most people watching the ad would assume that.”

Sure they would, if by “most people” you mean “Alan Greenspan.” Anyone seen that Steven Wright “Straight Face” Award lying around here?

John Carroll is a mass-communication professor at Boston University and a correspondent for WGBH-TV’s “Beat the Press” edition of Greater Boston. He can be reached

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