Flashbacks, January 27, 2006

This week in history, from the pages of the Phoenix
By THE PHOENIX FLASHBACKS  |  January 31, 2006

The Boston Phoenix has been covering the trends and events that shape our times since 1966. These selections, culled from our back files, were compiled by Chris Brook.

BORED GAMES | 5 years ago | January 26, 2001 |
Chris Wright suggested ways to keep from going stir-crazy during the winter months.

“Late January. The whole world’s coated with a flinty shell of ice. To set foot outside your door is to risk a bone-shattering pratfall or a blood-plundering bout of flu. So you stay indoors. You watch Law and Order and you eat. You watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch and eat more. Suddenly, without really knowing how you got there, you are a fat, lonely, bitter person…

“Here, then, is a regimen of five daily activities to keep yourself occupied through these long, grueling winter months:

• Press your face up against a window and yell, ‘I’m stuck!’

• Call up Guinness World Records Ltd. and tell them you want to set the record for Most Calls to Guinness World Records. When they hang up, call them back.

• Learn how to bowl using eggs.

• Track and capture a cockroach. Try to determine its sex.

• Perfect your sigh.

BRATTLE WOUNDS | 10 years ago | January 26, 1996 |
Gerald Peary discussed the future of the Brattle Theatre with its owners.

“ ‘We’re not in trouble to the point of changing our programming, and we’re paying our bills,’ says Marianne Lampke, co-director of Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre. ‘But it’s time to acknowledge out loud that, as an independent art house, we have to do more than just sit out our problems. We have to forge a creative collaboration with another group. ...

“Everyone admires the Brattle’s program, usually a different double feature each day. But Lampke and Connie White, who have managed the Brattle for the past nine years through their company Running Arts, Inc., foot the bills alone. ...

“Simultaneously, Lampke and White are struggling to reduce the $100,000 debt that the Brattle accrued fixing up the ancient theater, including rebuilding the projection booth…

“ ‘Maybe because of our programming, there’s a misconception that we’re a non-profit theater, a community-run place,’ Lampke explains. ‘But Running Arts is our company, our small business, and people need to understand that we’re like a mom-and-pop drugstore having a very hard time staying competitive. Running old movies as the Brattle does, is, let’s face it, not a great lucrative idea, though it’s something we do happily for film fanatics.’ ”

CANDY BREAK | 15 years ago | January 25, 1991 |
Mark Leibovich investigated the mysteries behind the latest Life Saver product, “Holes.”

“Picking up on the Dunkin’ Munchkin concept of making do with holes (in that case, donut holes), Life Savers now offers ‘Holes,’ little beads of Life Saver candy that fit perfectly into the famous Life Saver hole.

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