Get out of town?

By LETTERS  |  January 10, 2007

So it saddened me when I saw on the paper’s last issue of the year that it wishes “Bye-Bye, Paris.” Then it maddened me when I read in the Paper’s “Random Forecast” for ’07 that it cheers on for declaring this the year Paris “goes down.” Writer Mike Milliard adds that “one fellow Phoenician submitted this grim prediction: ‘I think someone fairly youthful and in the celebrity spotlight will commit suicide or get themselves killed this lucky year. Maybe Kate Moss . . . maybe Lindsay Lohan (gutter tramp).’ ” Milliard adds, “Nuff said.”

Note there are no male celebrities considered for this possible bloodbath. Guys are somehow undeserving of a death wish and a full-on hazing of hate, for that is reserved solely for the fairer sex. This from the same paper that, just the week before, shook up the season to be jolly with the bold and sharp front-page story of 2006 as “The Year Women Got Beat Up.” Like every year isn’t so. Looks like 2007 isn’t going to get any better.

Michael Burwell

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