State of Nirvana

By KURT ST. THOMAS  |  March 28, 2007

What about “Come as You Are”?
Cobain: The lines in the song are really contradictory. One after another, they’re kind of a rebuttal of each line. It’s kind of confusing, I guess. It’s just about people and what they’re expected to act like.

And “Something in the Way”?
Cobain: That song wasn’t even written until a week before we went into the studio. And I knew I wanted cello on it, but after all the music was recorded for it we had kind of forgotten about putting cello on it. We had one more day in the studio and we decided, “Oh geez, we should try to hire a cellist, and put something in.” We were at a party, and we were asking some of our friends if they had any friends who played cello. And it just so happened one of our best friends in LA plays cello. He came up with something right away. It just fell like dominoes. He couldn’t play the notes perfectly, so we had to run it through the computer and bend the notes, the pitch of it, to make it sound okay.

Where did the so-called hidden track “Endless, Nameless” come from?
Grohl: There were songs on the record, and then we had this eight-minute-long noise thing.

But it wasn’t on the first pressing.
Grohl: No, because it kinda got screwed up, but we made sure it was on the rest of the pressings.

Did you do it on purpose?
Grohl: No! Everyone gets into this anal collector trip. When we got our first CD and popped it in, we listened to it, and the track wasn’t there. The reason for it, the original reason, was because “Something in the Way” is sort of the slower song, the last song on the record, most likely to be listened to by someone who would have a carousel CD player. So, why not screw up their little carousel deal? I was talking to a friend who works in a record store, and he said someone came in with the CD and said, “This CD is screwed up. After the last song, there’s like 10 minutes of dead space, and then this total noise song.” And he wanted his money back. And the person at the store said, “I think maybe it was the joke of the band.” And the guy said, “Well I don’t think it’s very funny!” And he wanted his money back! [Laughs.] “This CD’s busted!” It’s a bonus track, dude!

Novoselic: Our next record’s gonna be different, it’s gonna be way different.

Grohl: Well, I wouldn’t want to put out two of the same record.

Cobain: We’d like to record every song differently.

Novoselic: These are just ideas that we have. I know it’s gonna be a record of extremities.

Grohl: I think we had our shot at doing the big-studio, high-tech, Hollywood thing. That studio, to us, was pretty techno. Maybe we’ll do the next record on eight-track. You can get more low-end frequencies out of an eight-track.

Cobain: We could go back to the Bleach sound. I really liked the production of Bleach, and I felt weird straying so far away from it. There’s definitely gonna be some more-abrasive songs on the next record.

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