Kurt speaks

By KURT ST. THOMAS  |  March 28, 2007

On Hollywood:
I’d like to get into movies. That would be fun. It’s not too easy for a musician to become an actor. I don’t want to be like Rick Springfield. I like movies. Paris, Texas, Rear Window, the Hitchcock movie. I used to like them a lot better when I was young. I can’t think of any more movies that I like. I’m usually disappointed by them. I can’t wait to see Naked Lunch. Yeah there’s a lot of TV I like, too. Not now, not new TV, except for the A&E channel and documentaries and stuff. Oh, The Simpsons are good. I didn’t really get into Twin Peaks. I can’t think of anything new, but old, dorky sitcoms like The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. I like Andy Griffith, Leave It to Beaver. Leave It to Beaver is probably the most classic TV show ever. There’s just something so wholesome about it.

On kids today:
I think that teenagers have evolved a bit. I think the average 15-year-old is more intelligent than a 15-year-old 10 years ago. It just seems like it. I don’t have any proof, and I don’t really have any reason for that. I just sense it. I guess if I could say something really clichéd and punk-rock to kids, I’d say start a band. Especially girls — they should start bands. There aren’t enough girl musicians.

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