Buddy Cianci

By JOE VILENO  |  September 24, 2007

People who supported you politically or who just like you for doing what they think was a good job as mayor feel that your being found guilty of the one conspiracy charge but acquitted of all the others was puzzling. You said after you were convicted that you think you were “convicted of being the mayor.” How do you see all of that now?
I was found guilty of one charge of “conspiracy to racketeering,” one charge out of 30 given to the jury to determine against me. I was found not guilty of any of the “predicate acts” alleged in the racketeering charges against me or against the other defendants. I guess they thought I was “conspiring to conspire,” whatever that means. At the time of my re-sentencing, in my video appearance before the court made from Fort Dix, I apologized for all the anguish and trouble I caused my family, friends, and people in the city of Providence. But I do not apologize for something I did not do.

You are now under supervision of the Parole and Probation Division of the US Justice Department for two years, plus you must do 150 hours of community service, and you were fined $100,000. Is the fine paid? Do you have your passport? There is a 60-day “assessment” period since you left the halfway house in Boston. According to public statements made by the government, for determining how the next two years should go for you, that period started at the end of july. Have you heard anything on the results of the assessment?
No, nothing yet, I think the period ended [August 28]. The fine was paid before I went to prison. I am considering various things for community service with kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs, or community centers. No decision has been made yet but will be soon. What is required of me is that I can do anything that is legal. I can have a drink if I want, but I haven’t been drinking for over four years now, so I’ll go easy. I have to get permission to leave the state for any length of time. As for my passport, I don’t know, maybe I need to look into that. I don’t have it available now.

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