Memory Lane time for Leo’s

Old-line Providence hipsters to regroup over hard stuff
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 19, 2007

There is certain to be a run on Botox injections, Grecian Formula, and William Shatner rubber corsets as folks prepare for a November 24 reunion of the whole sickly crew that once inhabited Leo’s, the late, lamented, and legendary bar and grill at the intersection of Chestnut and Clifford street in La Prov.
Leo’s, aka the Providence Night School of Journalism, put the ProHo district of the Capital City on the map more than 30 years ago, replete with the outstanding art of Kay Ritter and Dan Gosch. It was home to the classic mirrored bar from McGovern’s, which had the first liquor license in Little Rhody after Prohibition. To celebrate the various artistes, journos, bohos, intelligentsia, morons, and felons that called Leo’s home, former waitress Jackie will host the reunion event at her well-known restaurant, Jake’s, on Richmond Street, beginning at 8 pm.
Since P+J both worked at Leo’s in our sordid pasts, we very much look forward to seeing such luminaries as owner John Rector, who deserves a plaque from the City of Providence for kick-starting upscale development, provided JR does not bring up the matter of our still-outstanding bar tabs.
We definitely count on encountering hordes of “that ilk” that made up our drinking buddies in the era of being able to stay out late on school nights, no matter if the anti-wrinkle cream is now applied with a putty knife. More than ever, be there or be square.

Skullduggery with rudy
Holy 9/11, Batman! Look who’s leading the GOP presidential pack!
Yes, it is our old pal, Rudy “Crazier than Cheney” Giuliani, aka the Skull. This tragedy-exploiting creep, who looks like Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera and has the same cheery mien to boot, is now everybody’s favorite psycho on the Republican side. What’s not to like about one of Dubya the Dumb’s prime butt boys? To wit:

 • The Skull declares that the first thing he thought after learning of the crash of the Twin Tower on 9/11 was: “Thank God George Bush is our president.”
• His children are cheesed at him, and have publicly announced they would vote for almost anyone rather than their dad.
• His bosom buddy and former police commissioner Bernard Kerik, whom Rudy suggested as a fine head of Homeland Security to Boy George, has been indicted in New York.
• The Skull has blatantly sucked up to God-bothering TV evangelist Pat Robertson, to gain the endorsement of a man who suggested that teaching evolution or tolerating gays might lead to disasters like the Skull’s now disgustingly exploited 9/11 disaster.
• His high-profile foreign policy advisor, neo-con hawk Norman Podhoretz, wants to bomb Iran as soon as possible.

Scared yet, kiddies? Sleep tight, America.

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