Banned in Boston
The words “wicked,” “witty,” and “sardonic” are guaranteed to capture P+J’s attention and doubtless our affection for whom or whatever they describe. In this case, it is Boston Marriage, a David Mamet play to be put on by the Gamm Theatre and led by Casa Diablo’s director-in-residence, Judith Swift, which is double trouble, in the best sense possible.
A “Boston marriage,” as we all know, is a Victorian appellation for two unmarried, financially independent women engaged in a long-term intimate relationship. So that’s what the play’s about? Here’s what Ms. Swift has to say: “I ask us all to recognize that we force many people into Boston marriages because they don’t fit the acceptable mold. Gay? Do it in secret. Black? Don’t be too black (or too white). Female? If you’re the wife of a presidential candidate, put on a red suit and stand by like Barbie. (Bill Clinton just wears a red face.) So what we have is a witty, acerbic play in which two women retreat into the one haven where they can be raw and honest about all that must be suppressed when entering Society.” That’s good enough for P+J.
Boston Marriage runs for a limited four-week engagement from March 20 through April 13 at the Gamm Theatre, 172 Exchange Street, Pawtucket. Call 401.723.4266, or go to Be there or be square, and go get married.

Revolutionary War, take two
It was obviously not intended as such, but HBO’s much-heralded series, John Adams, might serve as a campaign ad for Barack Obama.
Look at the historical elements, Adams’s behavior, and the oratory leading to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. They reflect many of the ideals that Obama has put forth: honesty, uniting around a cause, rebelling against years of tyranny — while not capitulating to the other side — and bringing dignity, integrity, and commitment to a just cause. Yes, I guess we do have a dream.

All American ho
It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that the way to get ahead in the US of A is not to run for public office. Doing so is fraught with opportunities for embarrassment and humiliation.
However, there are shortcuts to fame and fortune, and Exhibit A this week is former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupre, his pay-to-play paramour.
While Eliot is on the fast track to oblivion — where, perhaps he’ll catch a gig as a law professor in a low-profile university — Ashley’s star is on the rise. Reports are that her thoroughly pedestrian music tracks are experiencing many downloads on the Internet. She’s weighing offers from a number of girly mags, and agents are ringing her up with schemes and opportunities.
If Ashley hasn’t banked at least a million by the end of 2008, we will be shocked. Stay tuned for an “appropriate” (read: thoroughly inappropriate) reality TV concept featuring Ashley, Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer, and anyone else who’s hanging out at the Burnt Out, Busted-Up Circus Dog Motel. 

Kudos + congrats
. . . to China, for its improved mathematics skills in estimating the number of Tibetans killed in the most recent crackdown. Don’t expect a whole lot of complaints from the Bush Administration, unless Tibet becomes a much bigger trading partner or unless the Chinese transfer their financial advantage over the US to the people of Tibet as a gesture of friendship.

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