One mean mother

Fox’s theorem: Back renewable energy or get bent
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  June 11, 2008

As the old expression goes, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.”

It certainly was Mother’s Day at Halitosis Hall on June 4, when the alternative energy bill was hotly debated.

Arguing that the state had to take a chance on investing in new sources of renewable energy, House Majority Leader Gordo Fox, according to the Urinal, got a bit maternally carried away.

He obviously let his emotions get the best of him, as he began wildly mixing references to ostriches, tender anatomical bits, the global village and motherhood (leaving apple pie and Chevys for another day), thundering to opponents of the legislation, “So bury your heads in the sand if that’s what you want to do . . . and leave that other body part [qu’est-ce que c’est, senor?] fully exposed to Venezuela . . . or Mother Russia. I will not be kneeling to Mother Russia or Venezuela today.”

Well, that oughta take all the fun out of Vlad Putin and Hugo Chavez’s party plans, eh, boys and girls?

Now all Americans have to do is to stay bent over with “that other body part” fully exposed, as it has been, for funny Uncle OPEC.

Hillary fans — get real
Observing the endgame of the unprecedented Democratic presidential marathon, your superior correspondents were not greatly surprised by how things finally played out. (And if Bill Clinton is tempted to pen another memoir, “Played Out” would make a fine title.)

Hillary did what she had to do, hanging on until the bitter end and finally throwing her support to Obama with grace and thoughtfulness. And it was interesting to see Senator Clinton and Obama’s presentations improve as time went on, even as they simultaneously tried our patience.

What is truly hard to fathom is the unbridled anger of so many older women about how Hillary lost and their insistence that she was the victim of some sort of monstrous sexist plot. One can’t help but think there is something nutty about those Hillary hardcore who vow that they will vote for McCain rather than support Barack. All P&J can say is, “Are they fucking nuts?”

We realize that these “Hillary is the Center of the Universe” types are not large in number, even though the political gasbags of cable TV have been presenting them as the flavor of the month. Why all the anger toward Obama? Why the “I’m-so-angry-I’m-voting-for McCain” posture when the Obama and Clinton positions on most of the big issues, while not identical, are pretty darn close. And, let’s face it: McCain is as wrong as most Republicans on issues involving a feminist position.

Do these women not care that Senator McCain opposes a woman’s choice in matters of reproductive rights? We challenge these disappointed strong supporters of Senator Clinton to please tell us what it is that makes Obama so unacceptable and McCain worth voting for?

Do these voters have any interest in policy, because, when one starts talking policy, the differences between Hillary and Barack might be best described with the word “nuance,” while the phrase “yawning gap” comes to mind when considering the differences between either Hillary or Barack and McCain.

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