Legalize pot
Why is the press aiding and abetting the deprivation of rights under the color of law?

Millions of Americans have been arrested and their property has been seized for violating the marijuana laws. Millions of us have the right to question the validity of these laws and are denied the right to due process of law.

Marijuana is still illegal because the judiciary does not recognize marijuana users as persons and does not recognize marijuana as property. Only persons and property are protected under the Constitution’s Fourth and Fifth Amendments from unreasonable deprivation of liberty and property.

Lawyers and judges deny the enforcement of the marijuana laws, which affects the individual rights to privacy, liberty, and property secured by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

The courts claim no rights are affected by the enforcement of the marijuana laws because marijuana possession is not a fundamental right. Judicial review is the rational basis test, not the reasonableness standard of the Fourth Amendment. Reasonable criminal laws are to protect the rights of others from an individual’s activities.

This year, without review, the US Supreme Court is saying that it is rational to search and seize my person, house papers, and effects for violating the marijuana laws.

The Bill of Rights was adopted to the Constitution of the United States on December 15, 1791. What happened to Fourth and Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights?

I would have to say they have been “killed in action” in the “war on drugs” by those who take an oath to protect them.

Michael J. Dee


Knockout writeup
I would first like to say thank you for the writeup, and second I would like to say you’re welcome for the “dramatic sports moment.”

For the record it wasn’t the fact I was scared; I was more fatigued than anything. I lost ten pounds in a matter of 24 hours, leaving only two hours to rehydrate after weigh-in. The first round I had no legs and was more shocked than anything at Chris’s “Blitzkrieg” approach. I was never hurt or felt outclassed. By the second round I got a little more comfortable and seemed to land some big shots that went unnoticed due to Chris’s pressuring offense.

I knew it was a matter of time that a big shot was going to land because he was a stand-up-straight fighter with no upper-body movement whatsoever. I never got a chance to showcase nothing but a retreat until the time was right to let my hands go, resulting in a third round TKO.

Styles make fights. I’m a much better fighter than what I showed and will probably see Chris again in the Golden Gloves early next year. I’m coming from heavyweight and found a new home at 178 pounds. Oh and I knocked him down twice before the stoppage by the ref. Thanks again for the press.

Kyley Nortey
Worcester, Massachusetts

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