Justice prevails

Suttell's supreme nomination. Plus, no E-Z Pass, and a few big nights out.
By PHILLIPE and JORGE  |  June 3, 2009

Well, it's about time people in power began taking note of who Phillipe and Jorge support, just as we jettisoned Barack Obama into the presidency after endorsing him prior to the Iowa caucus.

We refer to Governor Don Carcieri's nomination of Paul Suttell to be Little Rhody's Supreme Court Chief Justice, who your superior correspondents threw their considerable weight behind weeks ago. Although when we spoke to him Suttell had the bad form to suggest to P+J that their backing was the "kiss of death" for his General Assembly confirmation, we are sure that everyone who has encountered him knows he is one of the wisest and fairest people you will ever meet, and that his ascension to the head of the Supremes is a shining moment for the state (though he doesn't look a damn bit like Diana Ross).

We hope that all Paul will hear in his confirmation hearing is accolades, and we could not be prouder to see a man of his stature and grace become the chief justice of our state. Every now and then we get things right, don't we? (And a tip of the beret and sombrero to The Don for his keen judgment.)


There must be something in P+J's water, but we must admit to a very nice meeting with House Speaker Bill Murphy this week at the ribbon-cutting for the URI Graduate School of Oceanography's new showcase Bay Campus building.

God knows we have taken the mickey out of Bill for years, but his graciousness shows that political leaders require that combination of civility and cut-your-heart-out ruthlessness that the job demands. We don't care what they say about you, Bill, you're OK in our book.

Also at the GSO event, Patrick Kennedy gave what P+J think is one of the most excellent speeches on the environment, especially the importance of Narragansett Bay, we have ever heard. And that includes some heart-fluttering efforts by then-senator Lincoln Chafee and his successor Sheldon Whitehouse. (And we're sorry, but we take Jack Reed for granted now, even if he won't buy us a beer at the Narragansett Café.)

Many people give Patrick a hard time, but as Phillipe stood next to a number of longtime Biggest Little political operatives and heard his words, all agreed that the kid more than gets it. And we've know that for ages.


Flags are at half-mast at Casa Diablo for the unexpected death of Jerry McQueeney. We offer our deepest sympathies for his brothers Pat and Bob and the rest of one of Rhode Island's most notable clans of enforcement officers. We would embarrass them, ourselves, and everyone at the Twillows if we went on at length about what a wonderful, joyful guy Jerry was, but we just want them all to know our hearts hurt.


A note to the geniuses at the Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority who, after installing E-ZPass, installed bars across the toll lanes which require drivers to stop before they rise — the only state which does such a moronic thing. (Qwik qwiz for RIBTA officials: You think "E-Z" might stand for "Easy," not "What a pain in the ass it is to still have to stop anyhow"?) Now the bars have a notice written on them that says, "Don't back up." What's next? "Don't drive a shish kabob skewer into your ear with great force"? How can we get a job like this?

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