Down in the dumps

Business as usual at the Landfill. Plus, fun with Keven and a special menu
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  September 23, 2009

Your superior correspondents are shocked -- shocked! we tell you -- to see a front page story in the Other Paper indicating that there has been some sort of monkey business going on at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation, aka, the Central Landfill, aka "the Dump." How could this be? Even if you're thinking, "Well. It's the dump," remember the dump is in Johnston, a town with the highest reputation for ethics and integrity.

Among the dubious behaviors catalogued in the story by the estimable Mike Stanton who, when not coming to the rescue of your superior correspondents to ensure that groceries safely arrive at Casa Diablo, moonlights as a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, are flawed construction projects wasting tens of millions of dollars, suspicions of fraud and bid-rigging, rampant cronyism, and phony workers comp and overtime scams. Or, as it's known in Vo Dilun, "Business as usual."

Also part of the standard operating procedure in the Biggest Little is the fact that, due to a wide variety of reasons, there have been no arrests nor criminal charges brought against anyone. According to Steven O'Donnell of the State Police, "There was nothing to substantiate a criminal prosecution." Statute of limitations on some of the laws allegedly broken and non-cooperative witnesses were among the reasons cited by Stanton for the lack of criminal action.

And, of course, there were plenty of instances of the folks running the Dump enriching themselves with ridiculous salary increases and bonuses. Who do these people think they are, RIPTA?

There are no arrests on the horizon and apparently no way to recover the millions wasted on such genius projects as paying exorbitant prices to politicians to purchase land, building a useless "temporary dump" next to the regular dump, and buying a "rock crushing machine" for $350,000, hiring a private company to operate it, and then selling it to that company for $150,000. Perhaps Governor Don "Laughing Boy" Carcieri ordered the investigation of the Dump for the most Vo Dilun of reasons: our entertainment.

Kudos to our state government for continuing to produce the pricey laughs. We especially enjoyed the current Dump director, Michael J. O'Connell (who has been working assiduously at cleaning up the gross mismanagement), telling a reporter that perhaps the Ethics Commission could take some action. Yes, and if that doesn't work, we'll call in Mr. T and the A-Team.


Yes, the Biggest Little has its own unique cadre of guerilla entertainers. One of the best is former State Representative Keven McKenna, aka "Kenny McKeven." He's been around a long time but he still knows how to give the average Vo Dilunduh a thrill.

On Monday the Other Paper reported on the ongoing saga of a complaint lodged against McKeven. Sumner D. Stone, a paralegal who had worked for Kenny, claimed that he was injured when the former rep assaulted him. While the AG's office dismissed the charge, Stone continued to pursue the claim in Worker's Compensation Court, where McKeven is facing some heavy fines and big payments.The gist of Stone's complaint is that Kenny shoved him, causing injury.

We'll see how this will all play out, but your superior correspondents remembered an old couplet ad-libbed years ago: "Can't drink too many 7 and 7's/To understand old Kenny McKeven."

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