Hail Mary pass?

Nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like an anti-abortion ad; Ripping Rush; and more
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  January 20, 2010

Phillipe and Jorge noticed an interesting tidbit in the sports section of the New York Times recently. It said that Tim Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy-winning QB at Florida (known for wearing Biblical citations on his eye black) will be appearing with his mother in an anti-abortion ad sponsored by lunatic James Dobson's evangelical Christian group, Focus on Family, during the Super Bowl broadcast on CBS on February 7.

P+J are not big on censorship, but we wonder if CBS might have a policy against airing an ad on such a hot button topic during America's celebration of the great God football.

We hope that if Tebow's spot is in fact going to air, that one (or more) of the many reputable and respected national pro-choice organizations rebut this with full force during the game. We are certain that if they offered, CBS would quickly find a way to object, and would have to prohibit either ad from airing, which, of course, would accomplish the objective. NFL=Not for Ladies (never mind ones who can think for themselves).

And since it is that time of year, we offer you the libretto to Jorge's tune "Super Bowl." This is one of Jorge's favorites as it has elements sure to irritate almost all true-blue Americans. "We're going to have a great big party/We're going to watch the Super Bowl/You bring the greasy, fatty foods/I'll bring the beer I stole/We'll all get drunk and home we'll drive/Where we will slap around our wives/We ruin all our lives . . . Super Bowl/Watching on a 90-inch TV/Excuse me while I take another pee/There'll be a lot of heavy betting/Which is not quite as upsetting/ As the ritual bed wetting . . . Super Bowl/There's a famous Motown artist/Who'll sing the anthem at the game/While all the old boys piss and moan saying/Isn't it a shame/They couldn't find a lame white man/With a 2x4 lodged up his can/To sing it with a marching band . . . Super Bowl/This year it is really up to me/To bring my famous cheese dip recipe/My wife, I don't deserve her/Each year I sure unnerve her/With this patriotic fervor . . . Super Bowl/Have another jar of Gerber's . . . Super Bowl."


Are there any more spoiled, self-absorbed nancy-boys on the planet than Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and reptilian NBC exec Jeff Zucker? The economy is in free fall, people have been foreclosed upon and/or let go from their jobs, and all these flatulent clowns can find time to do is battle with handbags at 10 paces over when they go on the air, how many millions of dollars they deserve for being extremely unfunny at night, or why they shouldn't be fired for running the network into the ground. Haiti? Did something happen there? Hey, boys: Go eff yourselves, and we hope nobody continues to indulge your immeasurable egos by watching you for even two seconds in the future.

And, speaking of the heartbreaking horrors in Haiti — where they need your prayers, your money, whatever you've got — is anyone surprised to see the true colors of the professional hate-mongerer and lying machine, Rush Limbaugh?

Because, as Limbaugh says, Haiti's economy "produces nothing" and "is totally dependent on foreign aid," Rush reasons that "we've given enough" and the Haitian people might as well die. We certainly hope that Limbaugh does not claim to be a Christian.

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