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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 24, 2010

Dennigan, meanwhile, actually moved from East Providence to Narragansett to take on Rep. Jim Langevin in the 2nd District, assuming Patches was ensconced in the 1st District seat until hell froze over. Ooops. Her bad. Now she is staring at a major job to unseat Langevin, who doesn't give you much to run against as far as his public image and slow but steady work in Washington.


Casa Diablo regular, wine and cheese connoisseur, and the one and only original Cool Moose, Bob Healey has once again taken out papers to run for lieutenant governor for the express purpose of scuttling the office. We are big fans of the current Lt. Gov., Liz Roberts, who flirted with jumping into the 1st District Congressional race but passed in favor of a bid for re-election.

We suspect that the current political atmosphere, coupled with the ongoing catastrophic situation with the state budget, will give Mr. Healey his best opportunity to persuade voters that his perspective on the utter worthlessness of the Lt. Gov.'s office is a convincing one. This should prove to be interesting.


. . . but fear itself. And, right on cue, former Vice President, Dick "Fear Itself" Cheney, reappeared on Sunday gasbag television to spread fear and loathing through a new pack of lies and exaggerations. We especially enjoy his unstinting support for torture. We just can't understand why Mr. Jefferson neglected to add that among the short list of self-evident truths was "life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness" and "the right to torture the shit out of anyone we don't particularly care for."


P+J were encouraged by a headline in the February 15 web edition of the Providence Business News which read, "Brown's Simmons quits Goldman board." Well thank all gods, we thunk, finally someone up on College Hill isn't doing something inane up on College Hill and instead is standing on principle about the obscene raping of the American taxpayer by a bunch of Wall Street corporate criminals.

Or not.

It turns out Brown president Ruth Simmons is leaving the Goldman Sachs board because she doesn't have enough time on her hands to rake in more than $320,000 per year for supporting these overcompensated, greedy banking thugs. (She just recently voted to approve Goldman Sachs CEO, board chairman, and financial piggie Lloyd Blankfein's patently offensive $9 million dollar bonus. Funny how you can win the support of someone you are paying 300 grand to attend a few board meetings in New York.) Simmons also intends to stay on to chair the advisory board of Goldman's 10,000 Women initiative, which provides business education to poor women worldwide, which we are sure isn't a volunteer position.

As Brown prides itself on its social justice initiatives — even when they are patently wrong-headed like the Columbus Day debacle ("What happens in Hispaniola stays in Hispaniola," say P+J) — being in cahoots with perhaps the most despised group of executives in the Free World seems to go directly against that carefully cultivated Brown image. C'mon Ruth, we expect a hell of a lot more from you. If you like Goldman Sachs and Blankfein so much, go work there.


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