Manufacturing is happening here. In fact, you should talk to Barry Bluestone [of Northeastern University]. You know Barry? He's got some wonderful studies on this: manufacturing is coming back in Massachusetts. Had the first uptick in a long time, in the last quarter of 2009 — I think I'm right about this — and a lot of that is in the so-called precision manufacturing. This is our sweet spot. Clean tech, alternative energy is our sweet spot. We've got a couple of announcements coming in the biomass area in the next couple of weeks, if you want to check in with Ian [Bowles, secretary of energy and environment] to get ready for them and know what the go-live dates are.

Energy efficiency is, in our view, the first fuel. We have now, through a program with the utilities, identified $2 billion in contributions the utilities will be making for energy efficiency over the next few years and that will generate $6 billion in savings for Massachusetts residents. And that's everything from weatherization to new furnaces and what-have-you. Essentially, we have taken the custom and the law around what they pay for new power generation and said, in effect, you have to show if you have captured all efficiencies before you get that next buck for generation. Essentially, they are buying that new power as efficiency rather than new generation. I mean, it's the way the world is gonna go.

A wind-blade testing facility, the only one in the country, under construction right now in Charlestown, a contract we won through DOE [Department of Energy]. I had a company in here today that wants to partner with us on it. And the other great thing about this — and you know of course, there's all the weatherization work that's come to us through the stimulus bill, which has been a multiple of what normally has happened. And there are people who are chronically unemployed who have found a way into the workforce through the weatherization programs.

I wish Ian were here, because he'd gobble up the whole time talking about how much is going on and how much attention has come to Massachusetts from around the world, from around the country and from the Congress in terms of what's been happening. Talk about the oceans plan as well, it's the first of its kind in the country. We had a meeting — I was on the phone — with [US Interior Department] Secretary [Ken] Salazar two weeks ago about creating a consortium of all the Atlantic Coast states around wind energy. Because you know we all have allocated blocks, do you know that term? It's the same sort of approach I recognize from the oil "bid-ness," when I worked at Texaco, it's the same kind of thing. This is really why it's at Interior, because it's the same series of disciplines they have to work their way through. But you know, out in the sea, you don't see those delineations, right? And so we had begun a conversation with Rhode Island about how we cooperate with a project that straddles our blocks, and that then led to a conversation about how we get everybody along the East Coast into this consortium, and the secretary's helping to lead that.

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