Mumford: Jon looked around at all of us, the whole rest of the cast, and they were, like, doing his hair. And he was like "I wish we could get ready like this every day. All together." And I was like 'Jon Voight, I love you, I love that you just said that!' Because I was just sitting there gossiping with the hairdresser and I was like, whatever. It was awesome.

Wolk: It's very familial, everybody's very supportive of each other, all the actors.

Phoenix:That's good, because you hear about shows where there's a lot of stress onset or there's some diva behavior going on...

Wolk: Yeah, we don't have any of that. Except maybe....(nods towards Mumford.)

Mumford: Not true!

Wolk: No, not in the slightest.

Phoenix:So ABC recently debuted a show, which, I don't know if you've seen it, but it's about a family of crooks trying to go straight and get out of "the life." I saw some very surface level similarities. How do you think your show would stand up to other shows of that ilk?
Wolk: Well, you know, we keep saying it, but the writing is really amazing. We have a group of writers behind us that are really gifted writers and really smart people and have a taste for what's good. And they have a bar for what they believe is quality material. So I think they're going to keep the writing way above that bar. We all feel that if the good writing keeps coming to us then we can continue to deliver honest and true performances. You know, it's terrible when the audience gets cheated. When you assume that the audience is dumb and you can get away with a surface-level sort of a thing. That's when the audience gets cheated and that's when I get frustrated as an audience member. So I think it's number one on our priority list, and I can only speak for myself here but I also know Eloise really well, and I know how she feels about acting as a craft, I think is absolutely number one on our priority list not to do that.

Phoenix:And do you two get any input on the writing? Do you ever get to sit in on any writing sessions?
Wolk: I want to! I want to so bad.

Mumford: No, we're not in on the writing sessions. But we certainly are working with a team of people who I trust with my ....

Wolk: Job?

Mumford: My everything! You know, I believe in their ability so much, the producers and the writers, that I don't doubt that ... it's really such a funny feeling to be like 'hey, here, have my other persona and take it" but you just trust that they'll do the right thing with it.

Phoenix: Vampires are kind of dominating the media right now, they're pretty much all over the place....

Wolk: Um, yeah.

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