It can be done, folks

This list contains its share of evil robots, extra-dimensional ninjas, and genetically engineered mercenaries, but I submit that none of them is as diabolical or sadistic as "Bark at the Moon" on expert mode. The song doesn't sound that difficult. But watching those notes fly at you out of the screen like anti-aircraft fire, you want to duck for cover. Worse still, it’s embarrassing to listen to oneself screw up so badly. You may have mastered every other song, and then your “Bark at the Moon” sounds like a ten-car pile-up before you’re mercifully kicked off stage under a torrent of boos.  

The reward for sticking it out, though, however many days or weeks it takes you to muddle through, is something more priceless than gold: bragging rights. Face-melters the world over have posted stills and even video clips to the Web to prove that they’ve slain the beast. And everyone who’s ever played the game understands what an accomplishment that is. Not that I ever did it. It’s impossible.

- Mitch Krpata

Watch someone take on "Bark at the Moon" and survive (YouTube)

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