Crossword: ''Hit the bricks''

A classic case of one-upmanship
By MATT JONES  |  August 20, 2008

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1 Peek at the answers
6 Calloway of "The Blues Brothers"
9 Flame attract-ee
13 Wood used in yachts
14 Palindromic prime minister of the 1950s
15 Sedgwick in Andy Warhol's short films
16 "Fish in ___? How can that be?" ("Hop on Pop" line)
17 Like two-country trade agreements
20 Secluded room that makes you flash and become temporarily invincible, a la Super Mario Bros.?
22 Fruit juice suffix
23 Pendulum's roommate
24 Singular
25 Cleaner created by the iRobot company
27 Naval enlistee
29 Language spoken in Sarajevo
30 In the habit of
33 Opening word of "Send in the Clowns"
34 Puff of smoke that makes you grow to twice your size, a la Super Mario Bros.?
38 Billy of "Titanic"
39 New Guinea resident
40 Visible, as to a cameraman following an object
43 Countrified
47 Swiss breakfast option
48 Type of enrollment
50 Abbr. on old food labels
51 It may exist for its own sake
52 Kid that makes you shoot fireballs, a la Super Mario Bros.?
55 Do nothing
57 Supervise too closely
58 Actress Campbell of the 2005 TV musical "Reefer Madness"
59 The briny deep
60 "Fur ___" (Beethoven piece)
61 June card recipient
62 Show formerly hosted by Carson Daly, for short
63 People may be hired to fill them
1 Necklace ends, maybe
2 Actress McDaniel who was the first African-American to win an Academy Award
3 List of mistakes
4 Third highest-selling world computer manufacturer (behind HP and Dell)
5 "Sandinista!" band
6 Mark who bought a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks from Ross Perot's son
7 Cartoon fan's subgenre
8 Idea symbolizer
9 Geo cars
10 "___ to Deodorant" (Coldplay's first song)
11 Espresso-laced dessert
12 1980s workout wear
18 Prefix before dynamic or thermodynamic
19 Bent to one side, to a Brit
21 Knife sharpener
26 Sicilian calzone ingredients, perhaps
28 Ponderers
29 "Who Put the ___" (Barry Mann doo-wop song)
31 Do a Tour de France no-no
32 "One ___ customer"
34 Spreading out on the farm?
35 Release from bondage
36 Medicine man, hopefully
37 Introduces new software
38 Clear malt beverages at 1990s parties
41 2008 role for Michael Caine
42 Actor Ventimiglia of "Heroes"
44 Fodder for some bar games
45 Most likely to 55-across
46 Core groups of trained personnel
48 Manual reader
49 Piano part
53 Lysol competitor
54 "___ in the Wall" (upcoming game show based on the Japanese "Human Tetris" clips on YouTube)
56 Gardner once romantically linked to Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway

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