Greatest video-game tragedies of the last decade

 Zeroes from the Aughts
By LASER ORGY  |  January 20, 2010

6. Bomberman: Act Zero just plain bombs (2006)

Tomdogg449 explains what makes Bomberman: Act Zero a shit game

Back when the Xbox 360 was still a wide-eyed toddler of a console, Hudson Soft and Konami tried to revive the beloved Bomberman series -- whose titular protagonist lobbed his first bomb on the NES in 1983 -- with Bomberman: Act Zero ... which quickly became a primer on How To Ruin a Reboot. Act Zero took the adorable (albeit violent) chibi cuteness of the original series and twisted it into a joyless strategy slog in which you play a roided-up mecha Bomberman designed by someone with a massive hard-on for Samus Aran (which, granted, is pretty much everyone). Ultimately, the game proved to be the perfect recipe for anti-enjoyment: its cyberpunk overhaul scrapped any retro-fondness points it could have picked up, while its stale, hamfisted level design was anything but innovative. Gamers determined to play Bomberman on a next-gen system found solace in a Wii release later that year. Of the 1993 version. On a TurboGrafx-16 emulator.

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