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Brave Play: A Graphic Novel by A. David Lewis and Matt Roscetti

The year is 1948, and baseball is ruled by an unseen conspiracy.

You may have heard the story of the ’48 World Series between the Braves and the Indians – the final Series games ever played at Boston’s Braves Field. This is not that story.

Instead, this is the story of the supernatural powers at work off the field during that historic contest. Unbeknownst to most Americans or even to the players themselves, secret power brokers are locating and directing certain individuals with influence over the games. These handlers are in search of those with “The Shift,” an innate ability, inherited from the lost gods of New England’s indigenous tribes, to sway actions on the baseball diamond. No ordinary superstitious fans, those with the Shift can exert a subtle but often decisive influence on the field. They account for many of the freak plays, tragic injuries, and puzzling physics that plague the nation’s pastime.

A secret cabal of owners and managers manipulate those with the Shift in order to rule the game. But now nine individuals – including an umpire, a Negro League ballplayer, and a young reporter -- will discover, separately, the inner workings of this world, and find they have a question to answer: what is fair? And what will they risk for fairness?

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