Campaign Booty

According to reports, Scott Brown has $4 million left over in his Senate campaign account. That would give him the second-biggest war chest in the Bay State -- behind only former congressman Marty Meehan, who just may be Brown's opponent when he faces re-election in 2012.

Brown's flood of donations came after the new year, and is not represented in the 2009 campaign-finance reports that I have been poring through.

Below I list every Massachusetts politician -- 37 of them -- who had at least a quarter-million dollars in a campaign account at the end of 2009. I include their current elected office (if any), and the office they are running for in 2010 (if any). For those whose terms are not up this year, I put their re-election year in parentheses. Those currently holding federal office have federal accounts, while the others have state committees (which cannot be used for a federal-office campaign).

If you think I missed anybody who should be on this list, let me know!

name                           office               running for                  cash on hand

Marty Meehan              ---                    ---                                $4,979,005

Tim Cahill                     Treasurer          Governor                      $3,210,625

John Kerry                   US Senator      (2014)                          $3,194,257

Ed Markey                   US Rep            re-elect                         $3,106,678

Richard Neal                US Rep            re-elect                         $2,794,060

William Galvin           Secretary          re-elect                         $2,361,310

Joe Kennedy                ---                    ---                                $1,903,960

Charlie Baker               ---                    Governor                      $1,462,797

John Tierney                 US Rep            re-elect                         $1,421,069

Stephen Lynch           US Rep            re-elect                         $1,350,232

Mark Montigny            senator             re-elect                         $1,202,349

Tim Murray                  LG                   re-elect                         $1,093,199

William Keating            DA                   AG?                             $826,775

Guy Glodis                   sheriff               Auditor             $745,902

Dan Conley                  DA                   re-elect                         $680,958

Martha Coakley           AG                   re-elect                         $638,811

Deval Patrick                Governor          re-elect                         $634,641

Jim McGovern             US Rep            re-elect                         $606,359

Bill Delahunt                 US Rep            re-elect                         $568,513

Richard Iannella            county prob.     re-elect                         $565,583

Jarrett Barrios               ---                    ---                                $557,002

Thomas Petrolati           rep                   re-elect                         $513,772

Joseph Connolly           county treas.     (2012)                          $466,228

Barney Frank               US rep             re-elect                         $453,845

Joseph DeNucci           Auditor ---                                $453,813

Peter Koutoujian          rep                   re-elect                         $451,341

Michael Morrissey        senator             re-elect                         $443,317

James DiPaolo              sheriff               re-elect                         $437,950

Steve Grossman           ---                    Treasurer                      $428,158

Ronald Mariano            rep                   re-elect                         $391,183

John Binienda               rep                   re-elect                         $388,450

Richard Tisei                senator             LG                               $373,724

Robert DeLeo              rep                   re-elect                         $366,259

Steven Baddour            senator             re-elect                         $298,950

Gerald Leone               DA                   re-elect                         $277,048

John Olver                    US Rep            re-elect                         $255,892

Thomas Menino            mayor               (2013)                          $249,947

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