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Have you heard of Lana Del Rey?

A promising new voice
Once in a while, an editor will ask you to review an album by someone you've never heard of — just as a favor.
By: DAN WEISS  |  February 01, 2012

Album review - Imperial Teen

Imperial Teen | Feel the Sound

Merge (2012)
Like its title, fifth album Feel the Sound is as generic as doubters have probably always assumed — they sound both relaxed and exhausted.
By: DAN WEISS  |  January 24, 2012

off record - The Big Pink

The Big Pink | Future This

4AD (2012)
The Big Pink's name is forgettable and their sound is too generic to describe. Sneering electronic dance-rock heavy on synths and slowed-down '90s rave beats? They might as well be the Klaxons.
By: DAN WEISS  |  January 10, 2012


Wussy | Strawberry

Shake It (2011)
Wussy's a brilliant Cincinnati four-piece for whom the local record shop turned into a label.
By: DAN WEISS  |  November 22, 2011


Emperor X | Western Teleport

Bar/None (2011)
Every so often a bright, nerdy, nasal-voiced and infallibly catchy male songwriter appears to less critical notice than he deserves for his remarkably concrete lyrics and thoughtful melodies.
By: DAN WEISS  |  November 02, 2011


Surfer Blood | Tarot Classics

Kanine (2011)
This is a literal holdover. A charming band of Floridians who realized their musical dream in a dorm room, they made the difficult push to Pitchfork ascendancy and won what they really wanted: a major label deal.
By: DAN WEISS  |  October 18, 2011


DJ Shadow | The Less You Know, The Better

Verve (2011)
Bias alert: 1996's Endtroducing . . . DJ Shadow is one of the most firmly enduring perpetual motion machines in all of musical history, defying genre ("What was trip-hop, dad?") and all preconceived notions regarding an hour filled with turntablism, spoken word, and Metallica samples.
By: DAN WEISS  |  October 05, 2011


Dum Dum Girls | Only In Dreams

Sub Pop (2011)
Kristin Gundred, a/k/a Dee Dee, is no actual dum dum, so she made good where Vivian Girls didn't.
By: DAN WEISS  |  September 27, 2011


Open Mike Eagle | Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes

Hellfyre Club (2011)
"Smart" rappers are out of vogue — but many of them aren't nearly as un-fun as is claimed by the hordes who flock to Waka Flocka Flame mixtapes.
By: DAN WEISS  |  August 30, 2011


Inside the experimental mind of Flying Lotus

Shifting Focus
"I have less time to make music than I wish I did," says Steven Ellison, "so when I work on stuff, I mean it, you know?" Ellison is Flying Lotus, a soft-spoken 27-year-old from Los Angeles with a pause in his speech, like he just figured out where another piece goes in his puzzle.
By: DAN WEISS  |  August 31, 2011


Beirut | The Rip Tide

Pompeii (2011)
Beirut's most tolerable album since the 2006 pairing of Gulag Orkestar and Lon Gisland (both featuring their best song, "Scenic World") keeps it tasteful.
By: DAN WEISS  |  August 23, 2011


Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks | Mirror Traffic

Matador (2011)
Malkmus solo has always alternated concise "song" records between collections of the Jicks' sprawling jams (Pig Lib, Real Emotional Trash), but Mirror Traffic is the first time he's tried to make a Jicks-as-band record digestible.
By: DAN WEISS  |  August 16, 2011

FO List

Frank Ocean | Nostalgia, Ultra

Self-released (2011)
If anyone's earned the right to bitch about the limitations of being slotted "R&B," it's Frank Ocean.
By: DAN WEISS  |  July 27, 2011

cool kids list

The Cool Kids | When Fish Ride Bicycles

Green Label Sound (2011)
As you'd expect from the name, the Cool Kids have a fascination with social status and trends as well as with rebelling against them.
By: DAN WEISS  |  July 19, 2011

or list

Okkervil River | I Am Very Far

Jagjaguwar (2011)
From Green Day's American Idiot to the Hold Steady's Separation Sunday, concept albums have been back in style for a bit.
By: DAN WEISS  |  May 26, 2011
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