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Interview: The authors of Future Boston on building the Boston of tomorrow

Future Boston, 15 years later
We only have three years before the aliens land. This was the future envisioned in Future Boston , an anthology by a group of local science-fiction writers published in 1995 .
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  January 21, 2011


To boldly go ... to Framingham: A trek to fan con Super Megafest

Super Megafest offers the relics of our escapist fantasies. Make it so.
The entire 20th century is crammed into a ballroom in the Sheraton hotel.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  January 05, 2011


MIT Kinects with the Future

Philip K. Dicking Around
Here in the future, we don't just have park lights that run on dog poop; we're so advanced that cutting-edge technology occasionally shows up in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  December 15, 2010


Review: The Tempest

Taymor fails to cast a spell
There are so many ways to stage The Tempest. Shakespeare's last and strangest play can be a meditation on aging, an exploration of S&M power dynamics, a critique of Western imperialism.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  February 24, 2011


Gift Guide 2010: Graphic novels and comic anthologies

There's something about getting a book as a gift that makes you not want to read it.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  December 08, 2010


Boston gets its own indie comix show

The bastard medium
I will now sing the praise of independent and small-press comics conventions.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  September 23, 2010


They might build giants

High-Voltage Beauty
When Jin Choi sees electric pylons, she sees something massive and alive.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  August 23, 2010


Interview: Hugh Hefner

Porn or erotica?
Hugh Hefner on iPads, erotica, Batman, and fighting the Man.
By: S.I. ROSENBAUM  |  August 15, 2010
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