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Light Resolve + Ribs + Art Decade

May 5 2011
1222 Comm Ave, Allston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: alternative rock, rock, ribz, grime, gothic, ambient, coldwave, experimental, french

Remember how worked up your mother used to get on the first day of school? Well, that’s how we feel about experimental alt-rockers Ribs as they prepare to unleash their dark, jagged sound all along the East Coast. We ironed their clothes, packed their lunch, polished their Lisa Frank (Frank Zappa?) Trapper Keepers, and named them one of the 11 bands to watch in 2011. Now, we’ll be there to wish our angsty little prodigies good luck when they kick off their tour at Great Scott with Lights Resolve and Art Decade.

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Blake and I have been several things. Friends, enemies–now something in between. We grew up together in Atlanta listening to 90s rock, although if you...

Art Decade is a Coldwave project from France. In 1990 Art Decade released a cassette called Urban Line.

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