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2nd Annual Art Prom

This event occurs in the past, June 24 2011
191 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA   (view map)

For some American teenagers, prom is a seminal rite of passage: a glittery, taffeta extravaganza made of magic and moonshine. For others, it’s an excuse to get secretly plastered behind the batting cage and have awkward sex in a limo. For the rest of us — ahem, them — prom was either another night spent crying silently while playing D&D or a humiliation to be weathered and hashed over in countless therapy sessions into our adult lives. Everyone gets a chance to do it all over again, the right way, at 2nd Annual Art Prom at the Armory. John Powhida International Airport replaces the DJ at a prom where it’s totally cool to come stag. And, hey, you might get that awkward limo sex, too.

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