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Headlines from the Web

Unique Freud portrait of Bacon up for sale

9/7/2008 4:29:47 AM

Source: Reuters UK

Freud's Portrait of Bacon May Fetch $12.4 Million at Christie's in London

9/7/2008 4:28:29 AM

Source: Bloomberg

Red River Revel in Shreveport-Bossier City, La., turns up the volume

9/7/2008 3:51:52 AM

Source: NBC 8 Portland (WGW)

Plantation set to hold its annual cultural gala

9/7/2008 3:49:29 AM

Source: Miami Herald

Precocious painter

9/7/2008 3:23:59 AM

Source: Baltimore Sun

Lori Field's quixotic hybrids convey kinship between people, animals

9/7/2008 3:15:57 AM

Source: Nashville Tennessean

Festival of Hope.

9/7/2008 3:13:32 AM


Orange County Calendar

9/7/2008 3:05:44 AM

Source: LA Times

Ringing the right bells

9/7/2008 2:57:37 AM

Source: Times of India

French pop artist Alain Jacquet dies at 69

9/6/2008 2:13:50 AM

Source: Boston Globe


West 42nd Street/Times Square Subway Art 2 [Detail 3]

9/6/2008 9:27:31 PM

Source: Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

West 42nd Street/Times Square Subway Art 2 [Detail 2]

9/5/2008 9:24:31 PM

Source: Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Doll Maker Makes Angelina Doll

9/5/2008 9:16:05 PM

Source: Wizbang

Purchase Classical Works of Art, As Dreamt by a Young Steve Jobs [Retromodo]

9/5/2008 8:56:19 PM

Source: Gizmodo

Great arts videos

9/5/2008 6:07:20 PM


Latest Articles

Words over pictures

My first thought when I learned about the project to paint 16 of the tanks in the big South Portland tank farm was “Why would anyone think this is a good idea?”
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  September 03, 2008

The jury's out

Finding some distinct voices at the CMCA
Juried shows are a terrible idea.
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  September 03, 2008

No accidents

Jon Imber knows just what he’s doing
There is nothing inherently emotionally expressive about paint being loosely smooshed around on a canvas.
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  August 27, 2008

Whole in two

William Manning’s abstract continuum
It’s as if Bill Manning and his work are a small, coherent universe of its own that exists somewhere, and periodically others get to visit it for a while.
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  August 05, 2008

Slideshow: Found in translation

A new book looks at the golden age of international movie marketing
As movies began to gain worldwide attention, Hollywood studios tailored their marketing to specific geographic locations, allowing local distributors to create their own publicity campaigns.
By CHRIS WANGLER  |  August 01, 2008

Slideshow: Peabody Essex Museum exhibit highlights

Images from "Wedded Bliss," "Painting Summer in New England," "Joseph Cornell," and more

By CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  July 25, 2008

Krofft fare

Sid and Marty show MySpace how psychedelia’s really done
My favorite Sid and Marty Krofft production is one they had nothing to do with.
By MIKE MILIARD  |  July 23, 2008

Affirmative action

YES Gallery’s ‘Lovesick/Seasick’
YES Gallery is located in a gorgeous green wood-frame 1883 building on a quaint strip of boutiques and restaurants that runs parallel to the Warren River.
By GREG COOK  |  July 23, 2008

Road work

Eric Irving’s iconic ‘Mono*liths,’ and more
Urban construction and demolition have become some of the primary themes of Providence art over the past decade or so.
By GREG COOK  |  July 09, 2008

Mixed mediums

‘Jackals and Jerks,’ ‘Domain Error,’ and ‘Protest’
A current running under “Jackals and Jerks,” a group show at Stairwell Gallery, is the thrills and worries of today’s technological, synthetic, bioengineered SimCity world.
By GREG COOK  |  June 24, 2008

Line up

Katy Fischer at Proof, ‘Paper Quilt’ and Rainey at the Essex Art Center, and ‘Ink & Steel’ at Space 242
Katy Fischer's art points to the darker forces in nature, where clouds threaten rain and rivers carry people off.
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  June 24, 2008

New galleries sprout on Federal Hill

A mini gallery district is sprouting on Providence’s Federal Hill, with three galleries moving onto Atwells Avenue, all within a few blocks of Gallery Z, which has been there since 2004.
By GREG COOK  |  June 18, 2008

Looking directly

Seeing what summer has to offer
OK, summer’s here and it’s time to please the visitors.
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  June 18, 2008

The folk and the fine

‘Keepers of Tradition’ and Alexis Rockman
Here in Massachusetts, our old ways tend to reside in ethnic islands and pockets. They may be famous on their street or in their neighborhood or town, but they’re often unheard of outside it.
By GREG COOK  |  June 16, 2008

Fringe festival

Galleries off the beaten path
Off the beaten path, the fringes of Boston's gallery scene are seeing new development, and even expansion.
By GREG COOK  |  June 10, 2008

Remasters of the universe

The ‘definitive’ Mission of Burma
The adage “All things come to those who wait” tends not to find too many useful applications in rock and roll.
By MATT ASHARE  |  June 09, 2008

Greatest hits

RISD shows off its new and renovated galleries
The RISD Museum continues its top to bottom renovation and expansion.
By GREG COOK  |  June 04, 2008

Waxing poetic

Joanne Mattera and encaustic painting plus sculpture At Montserrat; Ceci Méndez at the Center For Latino Arts
New York–based artist Joanne Mattera wrote the book (literally) on encaustic, an ancient method of painting with pigmented wax.
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  June 03, 2008

Toy stories

In the galleries, artists keep their distance
Tokyo photographer Noaki Honjo turns Japanese metropolises into adorable li’l things.
By GREG COOK  |  May 28, 2008

N Ireland murals to disappear

9/1/2008 9:34:06 AM

Source: BBC Video UK

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