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Photos: Gross Thanksgiving food to avoid

Avoid these fattening and just plain gross Thanksgiving foods
By LISA SPINELLI  |  November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is a time for gorging on food and hanging out with family, but really it's mostly about the food: candied yams, deep-fried turkey or roasted turkey covered in gravy, cream of mushroomed green beans slathered in butter, stuffing, and don't forget desssert. There are some Thanksgiving dishes, however, that does take it too far and just makes us sick to our stomachs -- and we want to help you steer clear of those. Take this as the precautionary list of what Thanksgiving food you should avoid seeking out or making, your guests and your stomach will thank you. 

Note: Most of these images have come


No this is not the latest SPAM creation. This is what we call over-kill, literally. Twelve different types of poulty died for this ungodly concotion that will try to tear your stomach a new exit route. The 12-bird True Love Roast is an extra-large turkey filled with goose, chicken, pheasant, aylesbury and barbary duck, poussin and guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon (also referred to as squab), quail, and mallard duck. And just in case you're not sick yet, there's an additional eight types of stuffing shoved in there.

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    Thanksgiving is a time for gorging on food and hanging out with family, but really it's mostly about the food. There are some dishes that take it too far, however, and we are here to help you steer clear of those.
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