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By  |  April 10, 2006

Bonde do Role, "Melo Do Tabaco (A-Trak remix)" (mp3)

Bonde do Role, "Melo Do Tabaco (Paul Devro Sweet Mango Mix)" (mp3)

Baile bonanza

The Funk from the Hill Web site has a free on-line archive that offers the most complete guide to baile funk you’re likely to find. You can also download two FunkNeurótico comps here, as well as 10 other favela-funk mixes, all indispensable roadmaps to Brazilian funk. It’s all at Here are four other comps worth seeking out.

1 | Funk Carioca — Mixed by Tetine (Mr. Bongo). Mixed by a Brazilian duo living in East London, this funk carioca comp sticks to the most modern stuff — songs like Os Salientes’ “Fofucha Preparada,” Deise Tigrona’s “Injeção,” and Cidinho & Doca’s “Rap da Felicidade.”

2 | Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats (Essay). Berlin-based DJ and journalist Daniel Haaksman spent a few weeks hanging out at baile funk parties in Rio and collected all the best stuff he found. This disc features Tchutchucos’ “Chapa Quente,” MC Mascote’s “Bate le Palme de Mao,” and SD Boys’ “Planta Dominado.”

3 | Diplo, Favela on Blast (self-released) and Favela Strikes Back (self-released). Short, self-contained mixes Diplo put together after visiting Brazil, these widely available comps have given baile funk its first exposure in the States.

4 | Baile Funk 1 — Brazilian Beat Mix (Brazilian Beat Brooklyn) and Baile Funk 2Agora e Moda (Brazilian Beat Brooklyn). Filled with “original” ’70s Brazilian funk, these comps came out of the Sunday-night dance series DJ Sean Marquand and Greg Caz had at Black Betty in Brooklyn. They’re not what you might expect from hearing Bonde do Role or Favela on Blast, but they do suggest the background from which the music came, and the liner notes, which translate all the titles and provide some history, are a big help.

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