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Crossword: ''You want fries with that?''

Some people do
By MATT JONES  |  November 18, 2009

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1 "It's A Wonderful Life" director Frank
6 Effects used in computer-animated movies, for short
9 Vulcan, e.g.
12 Ultraliberal's place on the political spectrum
14 Actress Elizabeth of "Nothing Like the Holidays"
16 Olympics chant
17 Garnish that some upscale fries at Chicago restaurant mk are served with
19 Wedding rental
20 Heart monitor readout, for short (var.)
21 Miss America wear
22 Filled Jewish delicacy
24 Garden pest
26 Ingredient served with fries and brown gravy in the Canadian dish poutine
30 Inventor Jethro and namesakes
32 Abbr. after a lawyer's name
33 Get up
34 Sounding like a sheep
37 Little Labrador
39 Sensed
40 Condiment most often used by the Dutch with their fries
43 "This guy walks into ___..."
46 Dog at the end of "Family Ties" credits
47 Scheme
50 Former Portland Trail Blazer Ramón
52 "Supernanny" network
54 Leather sharpener used in old-timey barber shops
56 Seasoning option for fries at the Japanese fast food restaurant First Kitchen
60 Stash away money
61 Cub Scout symbol of wisdom
62 Scantron answer, perhaps
64 Dizzy Gillespie's genre
65 Boxing maneuver
67 Fast food dessert that some kids insist on dipping their fries in
70 Nighttime bird
71 Read retinas
72 Pashto speakers
73 "___, ya think?"
74 Gp. that regulates carry-on luggage
75 Like a chimney sweep's clothes
1 Group that specializes in Model Ts or T-Birds, e.g.
2 Rich, peppery salad green
3 Militant gp. that opposed the Oslo Accords
4 Football field figures
5 Insurance co. with a duck mascot
6 EMT's skill
7 Tech support subsidiary of Best Buy
8 Foolish
9 "Alice's Restaurant" singer Arlo
10 Sch. with a branch in Tulsa
11 Actor Shepard of "Baby Mama"
12 Analysis named after statistician Sir Ronald Fisher
13 "Worship at Red Rocks" musician John
15 Insurance company headquartered in Rhode Island
18 Navajo police detective Jim in a Tony Hillerman series
23 Overabundances
25 Genre for Gary Glitter
27 "Around the Horn" network
28 Internet connection via landline
29 Jazz band's playlist
31 "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine" singer
35 Director Jim Jarmusch's grad school alma mater
36 Lose one's marbles
38 Comedy staple that goes "splat"
41 Worn-down pencils
42 Reptilian warning
43 Story line's path
44 Scrooge's kvetch
45 Friendly
48 Reaches for
49 MSNBC anchor Monica
51 Twists around
53 Perfume company with fragrances from Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez
55 Diarist Samuel
57 Put in office
58 "Major" constellation
59 Cocoa ___ (cereal brand)
63 Therefore
65 Exercise in the park
66 Reverent feeling
68 The tiniest bit of evidence?
69 "Now I've got it!"

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