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Philadanco at the ICA
The four pieces on the program that Philadanco brought for its Boston debut last weekend at the Institute for Contemporary Art were all-dance numbers showcasing a troupe of highly polished, supercharged dancers.  
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  November 18, 2008

Floor show

Sara Hook at Harvard
Sara Hook explains the title of her cabaret piece Salad Days as a reference to youth and indiscretion.  
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  October 01, 2008

Modern romantics

Mark Morris’s Romeo & Juliet ; Lar Lubovitch at the Pillow
Romeo & Juliet, On Motifs of Shakespeare is less of a statement than a supposition: what if we did it a different way?
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  July 08, 2008

Fusion forms

Lorraine Chapman, Kinodance, Black Grace
Modern dancers who aren’t tethered to a specific technique can forage the whole world for useful movement and effects. We saw three completely different examples recently.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  April 23, 2008

Pas de divorce

Opera House captures Boston Ballet’s heart
It’s been a roller-coaster six weeks at Boston Ballet.
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  April 02, 2008

Trying to place it

“New England Survey” at the PRC, American Mobility at Gasp, 18th-Century Porcelain at the Busch-Reisinger, and Viktor Schreckengost in Attleboro
The stubbornly beautiful New England landscape has inspired poets as varied as Emily Dickinson and Donald Hall.
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  March 18, 2008

Quo vadis?

Boston Ballet’s ‘Next Generation’
“Next Generation” is the kind of ballet-program title that might have you asking yourself what happened to “This Generation."
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  March 10, 2008

Finding a voice

Battleworks at the ICA
Closer inspection, however, shows a choreographer making a series of perplexing musical choices that don’t always serve him well.
By DEBRA CASH  |  February 29, 2008

Dancing in the year of the Rat

Flamenco, funk, and Boston Ballet hit the boards
If you’re hot for Victoria’s Secret ads and addicted to Dancing with the Stars, Tango Fire will be right up your alley.
By DEBRA CASH  |  December 26, 2007

Ebb and flow

Dance: 2007 in review
The good news is that we still have our own major company, Boston Ballet, and it made its first international tour — to Spain — in more than a decade.
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  December 17, 2007

Not through yet

Paul Taylor at the Shubert, plus Morgan Thorson’s Faker
Paul Taylor brags that he’s violated just about every taboo in American culture over his 50-plus years of creative work and he’s not through yet.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  December 05, 2007

Illusion and bedrock

Invisible Wings, plus Henri Oguike and Bridgman/Packer at Jacob’s Pillow
Oguike, I think, makes movement like a mime artist.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  August 27, 2007

Dances with character

Headlong Dance Theater, Chunky Move, Paul Taylor
Dancers are working with character more frequently, after decades of choreography drenched in physical accomplishment.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  August 01, 2007

Flashbacks: November 3, 2006

The Boston Phoenix has been covering the trends and events that shape our times since 1966.
These selections, culled from our back files, were compiled by Dan Peleschuk, Ian Sands, and Eva Wolchover.
By FLASHBACKS  |  November 01, 2006

Great music, great dance

Getting inside Twyla Tharp’s Deuce Coupe
An excerpt from Phoenix dance critic Marcia B. Siegel's Howling Near Heaven: Twyla Tharp and the Reinvention of Modern Dance .
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  June 28, 2006

Truth and beauty

Debra Bluth, Lorraine Chapman
You can’t really depend on the instructive power of a title.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  May 16, 2006


Susan Marshall in New Jersey, Seán Curran in New York and Boston
Last weekend I had a chance to check in on two important latter-day postmodernists, Susan Marshall and Seán Curran.
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  February 28, 2006

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