Dumb and dumber

When it comes to Iraq, Bush has become a dictator. Plus, the mayor’s State of the City Address.
January 10, 2007 11:56:28 AM

When it comes to Iraq, Bush has become a dictator. The nation is going to have to come to terms with this fact.

It’s a scary thought: the president of the United States doesn’t know what he’s doing. What other conclusion can the nation draw?

The US has been at war in Iraq longer than it was involved in World War II. You remember that one, the one against Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and imperial Japan. The one your father or your grandfather or maybe even your great-grandfather called the “Big One”: the one that engulfed all of Europe, much of Asia, and a good chunk of Africa. That one.

Well, it looks like President George W. Bush is going to keep this one going for a long, long time. By the time you read this, Bush probably will have called for an increase of 20,000 troops in Iraq. Even before he spoke, the Associated Press reported that elements of the 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Kuwait were preparing for deployment in Iraq.

It’s hard to know what to think. Should we be outraged? Or incredulous? Bush may be ignorant, but he is not stupid. It’s hard not to conclude that his arrogance knows no bounds. Or that he’s crazy. Talk that he might face impeachment by the newly Democratic House of Representatives — a fitting dream, but an unlikely reality — should be replaced by calls that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. But even if Bush were found to be certifiable, the thought of his being replaced by that even more dangerous political psychopath, the aptly named Dick Cheney, is even more frightening.

There is no elegant way to put it: we’re screwed. Given the intricacies of the federal budget, Bush already has the money to get more troops into Iraq. It’s likely the first step in stopping him would be to place a limit on the number of troops that could be deployed. But some key congressmen think no meaningful fiscal hobblers can be put on Bush’s escalation of troop levels until next year. And even if Congress were to summon the gumption, the courage, to do the right thing, the commonsensible thing, and deny funding for additional troops, as Senator Edward M. Kennedy wisely urges, there is absolutely no reason to believe — let alone hope — that Bush would accept the duly constituted authority of Congress. It seems more certain that the nation will eventually face a constitutional showdown.

Bush lied to get us into Iraq. He’s lied to keep us there. He’s ignored the swing in public opinion against the war. He’s been indifferent — if not contemptuous — of international opinion. He’s unmindful of his father’s apparent reservations about the war. He’s scornful of the Iraq Study Group’s bipartisan recommendation that we cut our losses and get out. (Although if he scorned his father’s advice, why should we expect him to take the advice of his dad’s secretary of state, James Baker, co-chair of the group?)

President Bush is as dangerous as he is ignorant. And while we can still hope that the Democratic House and increasingly skeptical Senate might yet stand up to him, the odds are long that Congress will do that. Senator Kennedy may be a consummate Washington inside player, but he is far to the left of most in either congressional chamber. Kennedy may be assuming a historic and courageous burden by arguing that funds for more troops be cut, but it is by no means certain that others will overnight acquire the backbone necessary to stand up and stare down Bush. In the weeks and months to come, keep an eye on Republican Senator John Warner of Virginia. If he joins Kennedy and others, Congress’s spine may stiffen.

When it comes to Iraq, Bush has become a dictator. Before the nation can extricate itself from this war, it is going to have to come to terms with this fact. Heaven help us if we don’t.

How is Boston doing?
Three things stand out in the wake of Boston mayor Thomas Menino’s recent State of the City Address:

1) Menino’s most ambitious proposal, his “Smart From the Start” 10-year strategic plan to prevent — rather than just close — the achievement gap Boston’s poorest and youngest residents face is laudable, ambitious, and sorely needed. By using neighborhood community centers to “offer child-care providers and parents free early-learning opportunities” along with “adult education and English-as-a-second-language classes that incorporate a curriculum on child development and school readiness,” Menino hopes to break the vicious circle of hopelessness that potentially imprisons so many. Paying for such a program will be a challenge, but if we don’t strive for greatness, how can we even hope to achieve goodness? And, in a departure from the past, he is likely to find support for this kind of program from our new governor.

2) The mayor is still in denial about the plague of murder, gunplay, and fear that grips Boston’s poorest neighborhoods. He trotted out all the old bromides and platitudes about solving the problem. But he offered nothing bold, nothing new, nothing convincing. Good intentions, sad to say, are just not enough. Still, the additional police officers that he’ll hire are a practical and welcome move.

3) While the symbolism of giving his speech at Dorchester’s Strand Theater was powerful and worthy of applause, the fact that much of the audience was bussed in from available parking spaces by the Bayside Expo Center speaks volumes about Boston’s reality gap. Menino wants — we all want — similar things for Boston: better neighborhoods, safer neighborhoods, more livable neighborhoods with vital neighborhood centers. Uphams Corner is not yet there. And the gap between that reality and the realization of dreams for that neighborhood should not be lost on any of us.


Absolutely, Dubya is guilty on all counts but so are all those that re-elected him in the face of overwhelming evidence that the "war on terror" is a sham. I can almost forgive those that voted for him the first time, but not the second.

POSTED BY tmn8 AT 01/10/07 12:32 PM

POSTED BY Shorescaper AT 01/10/07 12:35 PM
You are one ignorant motherf*&^er. Bush DID NOT lie to get us in Iraq. Period. Through his brave and courageous actions the U.S. is safer now. We need to alter the constitution so he can run for a third term. Maybe you like supporting the al qaeda terrorists but I don't. And as far as listening to Ted Kennedy well just make sure he is not driving. Ted has killed before and will do it again.

POSTED BY Adam Bell AT 01/10/07 12:35 PM
To you leftists on this board. YOU are the ignorant ones, who cannot apparently read tea leaves and envision what is coming. Whatever. I no longer give a rat's ass WHAT you think. Further, I will agree on one count - I don't believe any soldier's life is worth defending YOUR freedoms, because you're no longer worth it.

POSTED BY biggitshredder AT 01/10/07 12:37 PM
I think the way for America to come out ahead in this situation (not win the war in Iraq - that's a different subject) is to impeach. But don't just impeach the President, but the Vice-President as well. The lies that got us into the war, the violation of international law the Iraq war represents, are Dick Cheney's responsibility as much as (maybe more than) the President.

POSTED BY kernel AT 01/10/07 12:39 PM
Dumb, you certainly are the pot calling the kettle black!! Years from now we will look back and realize Busch was right, judging from recent world events i know he is. In wwI and wwII we fought uniformed armys and then an insurgency in Japan!! Maybe you should go to the Mideast and live as a woman or a minority and see how wonderful it is. Because as a member of the media they will cut your head off. Hmm maybe they are on to something!!

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 12:39 PM
Who is calling who dumb? We are still in Germany and Japan. Comparing the time we have been there is almost "Kerryish". Anyone who uses Senator Edward Kenedy and some form of the word wise in the same sentence should refrain from calling people dumb...

POSTED BY Shorescaper AT 01/10/07 12:40 PM
Drop the WW2 comparisons. That victory was bought with the blood of millions of innocents. Dresden? Hiroshima? And let's not forget the decades of US occupation in Germany and Japan. I'm sure if we killed every man, woman, and child in Iraq, it'd be pretty peaceful over there.

POSTED BY pacifist AT 01/10/07 12:40 PM
Dumb, you certainly are the pot calling the kettle black!! Years from now we will look back and realize Busch was right, judging from recent world events i know he is. In wwI and wwII we fought uniformed armys and then an insurgency in Japan!! Maybe you should go to the Mideast and live as a woman or a minority and see how wonderful it is. Because as a member of the media they will cut your head off. Hmm maybe they are on to something!!

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 12:40 PM
Dumb, you certainly are the pot calling the kettle black!! Years from now we will look back and realize Busch was right, judging from recent world events i know he is. In wwI and wwII we fought uniformed armys and then an insurgency in Japan!! Maybe you should go to the Mideast and live as a woman or a minority and see how wonderful it is. Because as a member of the media they will cut your head off. Hmm maybe they are on to something!!

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 12:40 PM
Dictator? You need a trip to the good old dictionary and I am not talking about the "politically correct dictionary of the liberal set". President Bush is a duly elected official. Like it or lump it. He is doing the right thing, but unfortunately, it seems to be morons that actually write these types of articles and put forth their so-called amusing pictures (cutting and pasting with scissors all day) who are ill-advised and even further lacking in the cerebral capacity to run a newspaper, much less a country, yet you seem to have all the answers. Gee, everyone is an "armchair president" these days and yet they have nothing to offer substantially...just like the liberals who would try to run this country...a bunch of children. Good picture of President Bush, by the way.

POSTED BY Daylo1 AT 01/10/07 12:41 PM
Now let us see what our cowardly congressional representatives do about it. Will they simply hold a few hearings in an attempt to pacify the masses? Or will they take action against an administration that makes Nixon's appear contrite. The voters no longer believe the lies spewing from the collective mouth of the present criminal administration. The question is: What special prosecutor will show the courage and send out the 100's of subpoenas?

POSTED BY Cinncinatus AT 01/10/07 12:42 PM
Let me guess! the person who wrote this column is an ultra-liberal Bush-hater.Shame and disgrace on Google to put this on the front row.

POSTED BY jay.d AT 01/10/07 12:43 PM

POSTED BY Colin Syverson AT 01/10/07 12:44 PM
@ Shorescaper: i registered just to let you know that it's ED Kennedy, not TED Kennedy.

POSTED BY sasso AT 01/10/07 12:45 PM
Is this the alqaeda tribune? Great work, maybe you will be reconised for your work in the next bin laden tape. LOOSER!!!!!

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 12:50 PM
I'm a journalist myself, and I registered just to tell you that this is the most poorly written editorial piece I've seen in my life. I would have NEVER let this run, is your editor blind? Brush up on your AP style and don't use cliche or words like screwed. How are you supposed to reach the masses if you sound like a 8th grader?!

POSTED BY jlove AT 01/10/07 12:50 PM
Well, it seems this just was knocked off google minutes ago. The censorship route works wonders...EVIL.

POSTED BY Cinncinatus AT 01/10/07 12:51 PM
This is why I hate Left Wing use your position to call someone dumb and dumber...when actually it's you who are the for Kennedy, he killed an innocent girl and got away with murder by using his fortune and family should be hung for using his name in the same sentence as Mt. Bush...If you don't like this country then why haven't you re-located ? Iraq would be a good could get a bird's eye view from there, and maybe the reward you deserve. You don't deserve to live in this Country.

POSTED BY Ray AT 01/10/07 12:53 PM
to the dumb fu#$s like Shorescaper, Adam Bell,biggitshredder, etc.: go back into your white trash wombs and live in your dukes of hazard fantasyland. anyone who thinks highly of bush, especially now, belongs in their own level of hell, occupied by mindless, pseudo-patriotic, drones, filled with hate and spite. you are the minority, not only in your own country, but in the rest of the world, who understands what is really happening. why don't you all form a big circle, so you can blow smoke up each others asses?

POSTED BY haha AT 01/10/07 12:53 PM
I do not understand people, people like you. People who are so far up their own ass they can't see outside of their own box. Bashing the president does nothing but make you look like a moron. If you havent figured it out by now, there are tons of people supporting Bush and the stand he takes. People who are open-minded realize the other issues going down besides the fact that alot of troops are in Iraq. If they didnt want to be there, they wouldnt. Stop complaining, your not the one with your life on the line. I want to bet that you are not even affected by any of this. You sit at home watch the news and want to listen to what the media has to say. Why dont you take the time to see past your stupidity and learn something new? There are more pros then cons, and its great to not have to worry about some crazy terrorists ruining our country. We will take them down before they do us.

POSTED BY LizC AT 01/10/07 12:54 PM
Kennedy saod the same crap in 1973 regarding leaving Vietnam He said there would be no more fighting once America left Well what happend there my leftist friends? only 1 mil killed by Pol Pot that's all Good humnane people those on the left!

POSTED BY democratsareidiots AT 01/10/07 12:55 PM
America (et al) is best when governed with reason, and reason usually leads one to somewhere between the two extremes of left and right. The first comment (from the left - saying the war on terror is a sham) is ludicrous. Of course there is a war waged by terrorists against the USA. We have to be respond and we should do so in a reasonable fashion. Which leads to the wacked out right's position that the war in Iraq is the right thing. The right’s position is also extremely ludicrous. The great American leaders of the 20th century new humanity had to find a way to STOP wars. President Bush never (apparently) learned his basic history or he would have found a way to stop Saddam without invading/occupying Iraq. That was was obvious, but most Americans didn’t pay attention and so have no clue what is being spoken of here.

POSTED BY kernel AT 01/10/07 12:56 PM
Am i missing something? People still think bush is a good president? And whats with the guy thats want to let him run for a third term. I'm all about population control but this is ridiculous. I've never in my life read such ignorance anywhere (and thats saying a lot.) Who cares what other countries do and what their cultures are? Are we gonna force indians to eat cows because we do? You people are retarded. The best thing that can happen right now is for Bush to face the same judgement Saddam got. Cheney to. End of story

POSTED BY Rip AT 01/10/07 12:57 PM
Very good article, I like to see short and bold statements. I support the fact that Bush as president has taken on dictator attributes. As a young man (19) and learning about the way things work I find it ridiculous that we elect people to elect other people to appoint others and so on and so forth, in my ideal society I wish to have many votes for various things constantly through the year pertain to both state and national issues. While this may sound ignorant I find it to be insane for the people of America to elect a president who they really do not know as a person and leave them responsible for making such decisions that will widely and atrociously effect everyone. When the question of War comes along, lay the evidence for your reasoning on the line and ask the people of America to vote on what they think should happen ( a simple test taken by voters on the evidence given would insure they are not ignorant to the situation and weed out the people who generally don't care). As for Adam Bell, Bush did lie and if he did not then where are these weapons of mass destruction? While I agree the terrorist harboring Iraq was a threat to America it could have been handled from a different angle. Thank you, any comments are appreciated (even the insults) peace

POSTED BY Unplugged AT 01/10/07 12:57 PM
haha, i am looking out now from the porch in my trailer park. I dont know why you have to bring that up. I guess you libs really are just racist biggets!! Well at least we have GW. P.S. stop by my trailer sometime i will blow something up your ass!!!

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 12:58 PM
Clearly this article is listed under the "news" category; funny how desperate leftist editorials are being disguised with a "news" label. What we have here is uneducated "journalists" manipulating facts and confusing the difference between news and editorials/opinion pieces. High School fo' sho'!

POSTED BY No1Uknow AT 01/10/07 1:01 PM
The blindness of those who publish articles like this is truly dismaying. The United States and our way of life is under attack world wide, and these sorts of articles only constribute to our destruction. Extremist Muslims are out to kill us and take over the world! The only way to defeat them is to stand up to them. That's why there have been no attacks against us on our soil since 9/11, because we have stood up to them. I would love to hear anyone who attacks the war on terror or the President come up with a suitable alternative plan to defend the United States and our way of life, other than run and hide like a bunch of scared chickens. That will only result in more innocent loss of life on down the road. Instead of insulting those in charge, come up with constructive solutions to the problem. Trouble is, liberals and anti-administration have no constructive solutions. Only insane ravings.

POSTED BY christian conservative AT 01/10/07 1:15 PM
Bush didn't lie? In what alternate universe did he display courage and honesty? If he's a visionary so am I! Tell me how the nonsense at differs from the disaster of Iraq?

POSTED BY Lt Col J.T.Dedfern (Ret) AT 01/10/07 1:28 PM
The leftist-liberal so call journalist should take up an occupation more to his intelligence level. Like a party flak for the far left Democrat party. It's unfortunate that a young woman, NOT his wife had to die by drowning when this drunken coward left her to drown in her car. At least it saved us from having hi for president. I recall several Democrat presidents in my life time back to F.D. Roosevelt who was hell bent on war with Hitler when he invaded Mother Russia! Harry Truman and the UN (Useless Nations) botch the Korean War instead of letting general Douglas MacArthur use ALL means at his disposal to actually win. LBJ and Robert McNamara screwed up the Vietnam War quite well also.

POSTED BY Heinrich AT 01/10/07 1:33 PM
Not so surprisingly, this article was not signed by the author. That should speak VOLUMES. I would have been ashamed of it also, if I had written it, but then again...I would never have been this DUMB.

POSTED BY Daylo1 AT 01/10/07 2:18 PM
I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with the smart people on this debate. If you can't spell the word bigot, don't use it!

POSTED BY educated enough to spell AT 01/10/07 2:34 PM
In case you can't tell, the leftist-liberal are the ones who seem to know how to spell. Question for the right wing- When someone makes a good argument (in this case T. Kennedy) why don't you address his argument instead of his character? When was that car wreck, like THIRTY years ago or more? When you go after the argument, you look better. Just a tip.

POSTED BY educated enough to spell AT 01/10/07 3:12 PM
Damn the Red Neck Racist Republican Hillbillies are upset about this. And as usual, they show their ignorance. GET ER DONE! WHOO HOOO! Why don't you hillbilly morons go join the army and get your asses over there and fight Bush's great war if you think he is so right? Maybe you are just confused self loathing closet homosexuals that have to get your anger out on a keyboard instead of getting shot at. Please shut the hell up unless you are willing to put YOUR life on the line for the idiot Bush!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/10/07 3:38 PM
Right on! The armchair warriors rednecks on this board need to get out and fight and shut the hell up if they think the way they do! It's funny how the people defending Bush's "patriotism" are most often the one's NOT GETTING SHOT AT because of his arrogance and utter stupidity!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/10/07 3:42 PM
Hey Salty, you really need to get off your sister and stop snorting the bathtub CRANK! Inbred's shouldn't be allowed to use the INTERNET, it is far to dangereous. You might, just might, run across some "FACTS", you know, things that usually contradict what your lord BUSH usually says (or reads off his teleprompter since is is basically as illiterate as you are). But I guess then you could pull out your scripture, condem those facts and the tool of the devil, and then do what most morons like yourself do, shot it dead! GET ER DONE! YEAH HA! WHOO! HOO! I'm a hillbilly!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/10/07 3:52 PM
um red state, my sister is not done yet and i am a courteous lover. You call your self a red state? Lord Busch is the president twice over, i know that upsets you. When you figure out who and what you are please reply. Are you a red state or blue? A man or a woman? a moron or a retard? These are all great questions.

POSTED BY salty AT 01/10/07 5:26 PM
Salty - it is spelled BUSH not BUSCH like the cheap beer you use to get your sister drunk in order to slip her a ruffy. You once again prove so eloquently (you may have to look that word up) that you are a complete hillbilly dumbass. GET ER DONE! BUSH is LORD! YEEE HAAA! I'M SALTY THE HILLBILLY and I wish one day that I could taste the salty semen of BUSH!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/10/07 5:39 PM
SALTY - I have to apologize. I just realized that the KKK is no longer in vogue anymore and poor racist idiots like you have nowhere to focus your hate. Bush (NOT BUSCH - Can't you see that from all the bumper stickers on your pickup truck?) now gave you a brand new group of people to hate! And they are BROWN to boot! How lucky you are! GET ER DONE! BUSH IS LORD! YEAA! HAA! I'M SALTY THE RACIST HILLBILLY REPUBLICAN REDNECK!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/10/07 5:54 PM
LOL, you know Red its to bad you are a liberal. Your kind of funny, we could use you as a stand up routine at our next KKK bingo meet. I went to my friends house and borrowed that dictionary thing. Thank you for correcting me on the Bush thing (i almost looked stupid)You know now that i found out he is not a decedent of Anheuser i lost a little respect for him. He will now be refereed to only as President Bush. Anyway i have to run and cut targets out of cardboard for the next rally, they like to shoot at the ones with the turbans on there heads and the Cindy shehan. So have a nice day

POSTED BY salty AT 01/11/07 8:51 AM
You obviously have no understanding of history. It has been noted by other posters that you should not compare this war to WWII. We bombed the hell out of such cities as Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and Tokyo. In Germany alone, bombs destroyed 60 cities, 20% of the total residential area, killed 300,000, injured 780,000, and left 7.5 million homeless. In Tokyo, 15 sq. mi. were burned, 100,000 were killed, and 1 million were left homeless in 6 hours. Please keep comparing the Iraq war to WWII. It shows how smart you "progressives" really are.

POSTED BY nofanofbush AT 01/11/07 10:46 AM
SALTY - You may not be so bad after all yourself. If you continue to think for yourself instead of spewing FOX NEWS talking points, we old school conservatives (a liberal I am not, but I sure as hell don't subscribe to what BUSH and Co. are trying to pass off as conservatism these days)might want you around to show that the masses are CAPABLE of CRITICAL THOUGHT, even if they most often choose not to exercise that option. You have a great day shooting at liberal effigies and be sure to GET ER DONE!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/11/07 12:08 PM
Just because something is popular (being against the Iraq war) doesn't make it right. The President went into Iraq with the support of Congress and the American people. The American people have been brainwashed and are now spouting the talking points of the liberal media. Maybe John Kerry should have won the last election because his flip flopping on the Iraq war is now representative of the people's flip flop.

POSTED BY Adam Bell AT 01/11/07 12:46 PM
I just figured out why the Democrats want to redeploy the troops to the countries surrounding Iraq. We withdraw, Iraq descends into chaos and the war spills into Iraq's neighbors. The U.S. then gets to attack the whole Middle East and get the Oil. The Democrats think the current war isn't big enough!

POSTED BY Adam Bell AT 01/12/07 9:24 AM
I'm one of those far left progressives, I agree with the editorial, and I signed up to provide some balance. What always amazes me is how reactionaries manage to post at least half the responses on every left-leaning editorial I read, even on liberal sites. Even if you count the whole spectrum of conservatives from moderate-right to far right, they don't account for half the population. But here and elsewhere you have some really repugnant fascists taking up most of the "debate." Good mobilization, guys. As ever, you're in lockstep, goosestep formation.

POSTED BY AT 01/12/07 4:07 PM
ADAM BELL - GET ER DONE WITH SALTY OVERTHERE. YOU BOTH ARE DELUSIONAL MORONS. Adam, are you or your children serving in Iraq right now? If no, then please shut the fu%k up with your views on sending other people to die for your pathetic viewpoints.

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/12/07 4:33 PM
I am sick of all you liberals out there criticizing our president. Bush is a good Christian man who is not afraid to stand up to the terrorists in Iraq. You liberals who badmouth Bush should be sent to Guantanimo Bay. You have no clue about freedom. Freedom isn't free! You dumbass bleeding heart liberals all need to be taken out back to the woodshed for a good ole' fashioned country ass whoopin'!!! I am a church-goin, Christ-fearing man, and therefore I know that america is all about standing up to the enemies of freedom in Iraq! I also know that these colors don't run! And you flag-burnin librals should be tarred and feathered and run out of this country on a rail!

POSTED BY jimmy AT 01/12/07 5:15 PM
DAMN JIMMY - You sound like a bunch of country songs all rolled together! GET ER DONE! Go beat people who don't agree with you, that is EXACTLY WHAT JESUS WOULD DO. Actually, Bush's actions are nothing like what Jesus would do, but you ignorant people who pretend to be christians these days don't have a clue. America - Love it or leave it, wow that really reflects the basic tenets of FREEDOM! GET ER DONE! WHOO! HOO! I'M JIMMY THE RACIST REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN HATER!

POSTED BY Red State Republican AT 01/12/07 5:41 PM
So Mr Red State you are in favor of curtailing people's right to free speech? By stating that only people with relatives in the military should make the decision to go to war or speak their mind you are willing to let a minority of people in this country make the decision to go towar or to even speak on the topic? I guess you would be in favor of Hitler still being in power as FDR never served in the military. So you are the real Moron buut I won't tell you to shut the F*%k up. We need the Democrats to speak up and let the Iraqis know that America is going to pull the plug. We need to light a fire under their ass but to pull out would lead to a wider regional war. Is that what you want?

POSTED BY Adam Bell AT 01/16/07 10:59 AM

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