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April 17 should go down in infamy as the date when the United States Supreme Court made it official: women don’t matter, thanks to macho Justice Samuel Alito.
The court’s decision to uphold a ban on late-term abortions — even when the mother’s health is endangered — codifies what pro-choicers have suspected (and warned about) for decades. Abortion opponents grant the fetus “paramount right-to-life” status, while pregnant women apparently have no right to any life.
If, in month five of a pregnancy, a woman faces a medical situation guaranteed to injure or even kill her through pregnancy-related complications discovered at that time, compassionate conservatives say, “Tough!”
The burden will now be on states to clarify how each will deal with second- and third-trimester abortions — only about seven percent of all abortions, but usually those involving the most dramatic circumstances. The Alan Guttmacher Institute’s statistics for 2000 show that such terminations represented about 2200 of the total 1.3 million performed. This is 1 in every 515, since 93 percent of abortions are done before week 13.
Do most reasonable people agree that the later in a pregnancy a decision to abort is made, the more complicated the issue becomes, medically, morally, and legally? Yes, and they should.
Do those same reasonable people believe a woman ought to be sacrificed to infirmity or even death in a complicated pregnancy emergency? No, they don’t. Neither do they believe that the physicians to whom women turn while making such complicated medical decisions ought to have the possibility of jail hanging over their heads when weighing the best medical options for patients.
Justice Alito has done the dirty work for which he was chosen: the once moderate voice of a truly compassionate conservative, retired Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, is silenced.
As an Italian-American woman, I am ashamed of his performance and even more disgusted by all the macho men in my own community who blindly supported this man for purely ethnic reasons. The cockiness of “Italian-American, Right or Wrong” has come home to roost.
When these same men call, as they do, seeking advice when their daughters, granddaughters, wives, or girlfriends face unintended pregnancies and abortions to resolve such crises, it will be difficult not to remind them of this moment.
If women lose their reproductive freedom altogether, as Justice Ginsburg fears in her minority opinion, we’ll have Alito — and all the other “sons” of Italy — to partially thank for the life-threatening dilemma to be faced, for years to come ,by America’s daughters.
Apparently, women haven’t progressed for some in the Italo ethic beyond their description in an old Neapolitan proverb: Femmine, ciuccio e capre tenene ’a stessa capa (“Women, jackasses and goats are of the same mind”).
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Alito and Co. deal a bitter blow to American women
I think its great that the court finally bans this barbaric act of killing babies. There are so few cases where the women's life is threatened,most abortions are done as a selfish act in the name of convenience. Abortion is also linked to breast cancer and depression as a result of this procedure. Abertion hurts women's and kills babies, in later terms baby could survive outside of the womb with proper medical care. It's not a blow to us women, its a triumph, abortion exploits women rather than helping them. Thank God for the court upholding this ban.
By hb on 05/02/2007 at 10:05:51
Pretty stupid...
  To raise a child in this country motherless is to sign you'r child away to slavery. Men are evil. I know becuase i am a man. If theres a war they send men to kill. If theres a rape the men are nearly always responsible for it. If theres a crime over 90% of the time a man did that crime. And you want our government to raise you'r child while you rot in the ground becuase of the "SIN" that is sex... yes America has some pretty stupid people in it.  Now before you get all hissy fitted about this. You must understand that yes just like the filthy men that exist in our world there are filthy women. The kind that get pregenant to get government assistance then kill there children, leave there children or simply dont care for there children. Well if you hang a carrot on a stick and say "Come get you're Public Aid, Dont work for nobody just live in poverty and let us recycle our money" then what would you expect? 
By Ajndrews on 06/26/2008 at 11:13:04

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