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House pest

One Cape Cod blogger is getting the scoops and setting the pace for Massachusetts casino coverage — for better or worse
By ADAM REILLY  |  September 12, 2007

FLY OFF THE HANDLE: Peter Kenney’s scoops jeopardized the future of casino gambling in Massachusetts.

The biggest political story in Massachusetts right now is the state’s ongoing dalliance with casino gambling — but the biggest scoops haven’t been coming from the Globe or the Herald. Their source, instead, has been Yarmouth resident Peter Kenney, a/k/a the “Great Gadfly,” a sexagenarian carpenter and public-access-cable star who writes for

On August 20, Kenney blogged that Glenn Marshall — the leader of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, which received federal tribal recognition in February and struck a casino deal with the town of Middleborough in July — had lied about his military record. Marshall previously claimed he’d received a Silver Star for service in Vietnam; in fact, Kenney noted, Marshall’s name wasn’t listed on a Web site that tracks Silver Star recipients. Two days later, in an addendum to his original post, Kenney reported that Marshall’s three Purple Hearts were fabrications, too. Then, on August 23, Kenney produced his most damning piece yet — revealing, among other things, that Marshall had been convicted of rape in 1981.

These exclusives have already thrown the Mashpee Wampanoags into disarray. Marshall stepped down as the tribe’s chairman on August 24, the same day that the Cape Cod Times reported on his rape conviction and sundry fabrications; he also copped to additional transgressions, including an arrest for cocaine possession. Now, two long-time Marshall opponents — the mother-son team of Amelia and Steven Bingham — are vying with Shawn Hendricks, Marshall’s successor and ally, for tribal control. But the implications of Kenney’s reportage are much, much bigger. Without Marshall calling the shots, the tribe might try to build a casino on the Cape instead of in Middleborough — or (Kenney’s personal preference) decide not to build one at all. What’s more, Governor Deval Patrick is still weighing whether or not to support casino gambling. Marshall’s implosion and the chaos it created could help convince the governor to take a pass.

Kenney is still on the story, and he’s still breaking news. (On September 5, he was the first to report a meeting between the Binghams, scandal-prone State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, and Patrick aide Michael Morris; the next day, Joan Vennochi, the Globe’s influential op-ed columnist, cited this meeting in a column urging the governor to say no to gambling.) He’s also becoming something of a Boston media celebrity: he discussed the casino wars with Emily Rooney on WGBH-TV’s GreaterBoston this past week, and is slated to appear with Jim Braude on NECN’s NewsNight in the near future. But if Kenney’s rise is a heartwarming tribute to the power of citizen journalism, it also raises some perplexing questions. For one: is Kenney a journalist or a combatant? And if the answer isn’t clear, should the Massachusetts media really be following his lead?

Talk show
This past week, I visited Kenney in Yarmouth’s Cape Cod Community Media Center, which broadcasts his Great Gadfly program. It was an unusually enjoyable interview. Kenney’s sense of humor is appealingly droll, and he follows his jokes with loud guffaws that amplify their effect. He’s also a born storyteller, with a knack for cadence and rhythm and an ear for the dramatic pause. In Kenney’s hands, mundane subjects acquire the dramatic sheen of a campfire ghost story.

Of course, yarn-spinners also tend to be show-offs, and Kenney is no exception. After explaining that he attended Boston Latin School but graduated from the Newman School for Boys, for example, Kenney said that he got 800s on his SATs. (Kenney later attended both Holy Cross and Boston University, but says he “doesn’t know and doesn’t care” if he got his B.A.) When he recalled a carpentry apprenticeship at Irving and Casson-A.H. Davenport, a now-shuttered furniture shop near Lechmere, he didn’t just describe Irving as high-end; he also itemized various high-profile items (the boardroom table at General Motors, the UN Security Council’s massive circular desk, chairs for the East Room of the White House) that he’d worked on there. In addition, he relayed the fact — for reasons that remain unclear — that he knew Dr. Rodolph H. Turcotte, paterfamilias of the family described in the hit memoir Running with Scissors, quite well.

Kenney’s fondness for hermetic knowledge is equally striking. He’s the sort of person who peppers his conversation with vague allusions to things he knows and you don’t — things dangerous or scandalous or just plain titillating — but quickly pulls back, leaving you intrigued and painfully ignorant. One example: in the 1990s, Kenney did a morning drive-time radio show with Ed Teague, the former Republican minority leader in the Massachusetts House, on Cape station WXTK-FM. In the process, Kenney told me, he picked up some great stories about former House Speaker Tom Finneran — but said stories “won’t see the light of day.” (I hadn’t asked.) Another: in response to a question, Kenney said he wasn’t a veteran, but that he knows lots of vets. Then, with an ominous chuckle: “I have family who used to get their paychecks from Langley.” (That’s CIA headquarters to you and me.) Meanwhile, in the course of relating just how much some Wampanoags have come to trust him, Kenney offered this tidbit: “I have sat in Amelia [Bingham’s] house, with various other members of the tribe. And they have told me things I know they don’t talk about outside the tribe.”

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House pest
I think Kenny is one sided and has not reported all the facts. But check out the Bingham's past completely. It seems they have some things to hide. Read this. I would love to see a full investigation of them!! Read this I found. And I have heard that Mr. Bingham here sounds like an angel, compared to other things he has done. WAMP FACTS All of the Facts About The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe That the mainstream media probably won't tell you. Blog Archive ▼ 2007 (5) ▼ September (4) WAMPSPLOITATION: The Gadfly Meets Superfly on WGBH... Ahhh, They're At It Again Shady Pasts Continue To Appear: Amelia Bingham, Pt... The " Knock-Off Natives" suffer from Mystical Indi... ► August (1) Shady Pasts Continue To Appear: Amelia Bingham, Pt... About Me Steven Smith Steven Smith is a media consultant and un-enrolled Wampanoag living and working in Boston, MA. WAMP FACTS is a media project designed to provide inside information about contemporary Mashpee Wampanoag issues that otherwise are not getting media attention. View my complete profile Wednesday, September 5, 2007 WAMPSPLOITATION: The Gadfly Meets Superfly on WGBH BOSTON - In the 1970's, Blacksploitation films, movies that focused on fantasies of inner-city life became a Hollywood genre. Tuesday night (9/4/07), the loyal viewers of "Greater Boston" got a rare treat: innuendo-mongering, cult-icon blogger, Peter "The Gadfly" Kenney was on with Former Mashpee Wampanoag prodigal son, turned South Sea Indian chief, Steven P. Bingham, Sr., 63, a shunned Mashpee Wampanoag, who (according to tribal members) has rarely to never participated in any tribal/ community activities and is now suddenly is the champion of an apparent anti-tribal council campaign. Together, Kenney and Bingham have become the local pioneers of a new genre, Wampsploitation. Both men are exploiting the issues and events of the Mashpee Wampanoag for the benefit of their own delusional, fragile egos. Kenney has a serial topic else to generate his distorted, one-sided, gossip filled blogs about; even getting a chance to be on public television (as opposed to his self-produced public access show) and (mis)represent himself as a journalist and Bingham gets to go on television and re-invent himself as an Indian. WAMP FACTS looked into Bingham's interactions with the tribe previous to filing the lawsuit and discovered from tribal records and accounts from tribal members that Mr. Bingham, 63, has attended two (2) meetings in total. He has also attended powwow as a tourist on several occasions. Otherwise, he has had NO participation in tribal and cultural events, affairs and activities. So, why the sudden interest and concern in the well-being of the tribe??? Why is he declaring the need to re-open the landsuit under his newly reformed tribe (the one that never really existed... it was just a mistake in identity by some lost Englishmen). One clue is in his comments last night about the need for a casino... like the one he apparently wants to build on an in-laws property in North Carolina. Could it be in this man's seemingly sick mind that he can form his new tribe, get them recognized and build a casino??? Unconfirmed reports about Mr. Bingham's past call a lot of question to his credibility as an honorable man to question. A veteran of the Vietnam war and son of an African American army Colonel, Bingham is known to the street-life of Boston, where he owns a hair salon. Word on the streets in Boston points to Bingham as having a rather long criminal record that includes drug dealing, drug trafficking, running a prostitution ring, kidnapping (it seems he was alleged to be a participant in a white slavery ring as well), and several counts of assault and battery on women (I guess a pimp has to keep his hookers in line), as well as several counts of domestic violence against his wife. As WAMP FACTS says, these are all unconfirmed (by court records), allegations based on conjecture, but I'm sure as the leader of a newly reformed tribe, Steven P. Bingham will do the right thing and submit to a CORI inquest from the beginning to show both of his followers that he is a good, competent, and capable leader, beyond reproach. On the other hand, since little is known about the South Sea Indians of Cape Cod, maybe pimping, narcotics, and battering women is a tradition of theirs. From sources that have described Kenney's personality, this might be the basis for his mutual admiration of Bingham. Fade out on Bingham and Kenney walking off into the sunset, as a cheesy, pseudo funk track plays in the background. Credits roll. Posted by Steven Smith at 9:39 PM 0 comments Labels: Amelia Bingham, Mashpee, Mashpee Wampanoag, Massachusetts, News, Peter Kenney, Stephen Bingham, WGBH Ahhh, They're At It Again MASHPEE - A now widely spread and highly plausible word around the community is that some of the shunned members of the Wampanoag tribe are intending to barge in on the Council meeting tonight at the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council. It seems that the already unstable Stephen P. Bingham, Sr., fueled by his new found celebrity is intending to storm the meeting and physically confront the council that he has been leading the tiny movement of to have removed. Don't laugh to hard at Mr. Bingham, the Black Panther Party started with only two members and look at what happened to them... okay, bad example. Now, let's review the recent events: After a Monday night lynch party at the Sons of Italy in Barnstable, Bingham called for the removal of the existing tribal council. He declares that the shunning has been lifted. Then, he declares that he is starting his own tribe and re-opening the ill-advised/ ill-conceived landsuit that created a major split between the town and the tribe in the 1970s and '80's. When he found out that the suit could only be revisited by an act of congress (at it lost in the federal supreme court), he proclaimed that he is actually a member of the South Sea Indians who were also native to this region and they never got their case heard in federal court. (Early English visitors called the Wampanoags South Sea Indians in the early 1600s when they believed that they landed in the South Seas as opposed to Cape Cod). After that, he says that he is willing to approach the judiciary committee about having the shunning lifted (what happened to his self- declared un-shunning???). Most recently, Mr. Bingham appeared on cable television with Cape Cod gossip-blog personality, Peter Kenney to issue even more declarations. Aside from the fact that it's poor form to invade another tribe's council meeting if you are not of the tribe (as he declared) and not invited, the deeper question is, why does Bingham and his mother insist on interfering the with tribe's social and economic development agenda? It would seem that they should be more concerned with paying off the $60,000+ dollars that they were ordered to pay the tribe and courts for their frivolous lawsuit. Posted by Steven Smith at 5:31 PM 0 comments Labels: Amelia Bingham, Mashpee, Mashpee Wampanoag, Massachusetts, News, Stephen Bingham Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Shady Pasts Continue To Appear: Amelia Bingham, Pt. 2 MASHPEE - Once again the WAMP FACTS research team has found some interesting information about Amelia Bingham. As we combed through her resume, we found that she had been director-curator of the Mashpee Indian Museum. Rumor has it that this was another job that she had resigned from, but a little digging uncovered the following information: SOURCE: Falmouth Enterprise - 1/23/1976 HEADLINE: Mrs. Amelia Bingham Is Dismissed As Director Of Indian Museum It seems that Mrs. Bingham, after three years as the founding director-curator of the museum, was fired from her post by the town's selectmen. The official statement of the selectmen was, "Mrs. Bingham has been terminated due to disagreements in management and policy procedures." They also had the museum door padlocked and George Benway said that the differences between the selectmen and Mrs. Bingham were "basic and irrevocable." As we read this article, WAMP FACTS wondered what was between the lines of these statements? A disagreement in management and policy procedures could mean anything from insubordination to misappropriation of funds. Knowing Mrs. Bingham to be a loose canon with a flare for stretching the truth (check her resume in Part 1) all of the meanings behind this statement are possible. To quote Ray Charles character in the movie Ray, "scratch a liar and find a thief." Well the answer came in an article written a year later. SOURCE: Cape Cod Standard Times - 3/27/1977 HEADLINE: Mashpee cancels museum tours Apparently, the controversy started when Ramona Peters (a now frequently quoted, Wampanoag traditionalist) submitted a bill for $150 after providing ten (10) hours of touring services for the museum. Lets face it, $15 an hour is a pretty good now, but was outrageous 30 years ago, as noted by Selectman O'Connell, "... that's kind of high for a tour guide. Our police and firemen don't even get that kind of money." The selectmen agreed that they needed to cancel the tours until they had a curator to replace Yvonne Peters (now tribal council member, Yvonne Avant). The selectmen noted that, except for Mrs. Yvonne Peters(Avant), there was no accountability of past curators (the only curator other then Mrs. Peters was Mrs. Bingham). The clue came in the quote from Selectman Benway, "Our biggest problem is that the money donated to the museum never seems to wind up in the fund." BINGO! According to the 1973 Mashpee Town Report, Mrs. Bingham reported that 20,000 people toured the museum. The tour fee was $1 an adult and $0.25 a child. The amount of money in the fund as of that town meeting was $23.96. Mrs. Bingham was approved an annual salary of $5,000 in 1974. According to this information, it would be fair to surmise from the article that Mrs. Bingham was fired for stealing money from the museum. It would seem that the town selectmen were trying to diplomatically remove Mrs. Bingham in light of the fact that her husband was the chief of police. Does Mrs. Bingham think that people have forgotten her past? Next, we visit the adventures of Mrs. Bingham and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council. Posted by Steven Smith at 11:36 PM 0 comments Labels: Amelia Bingham, Mashpee, Mashpee Wampanoag, News Saturday, September 1, 2007 The " Knock-Off Natives" suffer from Mystical Indian Syndrome MASHPEE-The hypocrisy of Tribal dissidents has many Natives offering a variety of very appropriate brands that seem to best describe their obsession with overthrowing the Tribal Council, trying unsuccessfully to do side deals with the backers, and personal attacks that are unnecessarily vicious. Their foolishness is remarkable because they pretend to be " traditionalists" but they have these ridiculous self-serving agendas that everyone is aware of. Moreover none of their hairball schemes are doable and of no benefit to the Tribe. But then again, it's not about the Tribe, it's about them isn't it? More detail on the "Knock-Offs" coming soon. Posted by Steven Smith at 11:06 PM 0 comments Friday, August 31, 2007 Shady Pasts Continue To Appear: Amelia Bingham, Pt. 1 MASHPEE - In the wake of scandals surrounding the leadership of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, WAMP FACTS brings you this exclusive break on the workings of Amelia Bingham, a Mashpee Wampanoag elder and self-proclaimed Turtle Clan Mother of the tribe (although there is no record of clan mother's being a part of Wampanoag tradition). After a very public display of finger pointing at ousted council leader, Glenn Marshall, we find that Mrs. Bingham also seems to have a proclivity for stretching the truth as we combed through a copy of her resume on file with the Mashpee Public Schools, submitted for a position which Mrs. Bingham briefly held and resigned from. Apparently, Mrs. Bingham applied for and was hired as the director of the Indian Education program in the fall of 2006, where she issued a press release announcing her selection for the post. Indian Education Parent Committee Chair, Maria Turner was on record as saying that Mrs. Bingham was one of three top finalists and when the other two turned down the position, Mrs. Bingham accepted. Mrs. Bingham resigned from the position after only a few weeks at the post, claiming mis-management and professional disrespect by the programs board, comprised of parents of native children who attend Mashpee Public Schools. However, WAMP FACTS discovered that the actual cause of Mrs. Bingham's resignation was the fact that she forged her supervisors signature on a time sheet to collect pay for time that she did not work. However, even more interesting are the facts revealed when we reviewed Mrs. Bingham's resume and discovered a number of inaccuracies, gross exaggerations, and other mis-representations of the truth. Please note copy of Mrs. Bingham's resume, annotated by one of WAMP FACTS researchers. Posted by Steven Smith at 12:38 AM 0 comments Labels: Amelia Bingham, Anti-Casino, Casino, Glenn Marshall, Mashpee, Mashpee Wampanoag, News, Wampanoag Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) I wonder what dirt we can dig up on Mr. Kenny. Maybe some of Mr. Bingham's women are servicing him? He is not a pretty looking man by far. Hmmmmmmm........all things will come out in time, won't they? And Glenn worked hard to do what he had accomplished for the Tribe he loves.This Kenny has not reported all the good Glenn has done. He is not a drug user, nor is he a threat to anyone. He will never rape again, and I question what might have had happen then also. He made some major mistakes in the past and I cannot judge him from back then, I just know who he is now. It was stupid of him to fabricate about is military record and being a Boston cop. He had the respect of the tribe for what he has done without doing so. I know of someone personally that told me before this all broke out, that Glenn was a roll model to him. Glenn got him to clean up his act and stop using and selling drugs. Maybe Glenn paid a price before, and was relating to this man and lead him to a new and productive life. But will we hear of the GOOD? Never!! None of us are perfect, and people in glass houses should not throw stones like the Bingham"s !! Sometimes we make some stupid choices, and do some real bad things, but we can all change and learn to be good. Let the Great Spirit or who you may call God, be the judge. This man is a professor and tell you manythings about what is going on. He has written his own blogs. Check him out....//
By Babe on 09/13/2007 at 12:01:40

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