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How 'three strikes' legislation fails

A bad pitch
Despite evidence that "three strikes" mandatory sentencing laws don't work, are punishingly expensive for taxpayers, and make an already unfair criminal-justice system even more irrational and racist, the Massachusetts legislature seems hell-bent on enacting one.
By EDITORIAL  |  January 04, 2012


Boenher's shame: The putrid politics of Republican negativity.

Or, the GOP’s Payroll-Tax screw-up explained
Pity John Boehner. By rights, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Boehner should be considered one of Washington's most powerful leaders.
By EDITORIAL  |  December 21, 2011


Iraq: A monumental and historic blunder

Tough truths
President Barack Obama is ending George W. Bush's war.
By EDITORIAL  |  December 14, 2011


Coakley's true grit

In a move that sparked national applause, the Attorney General goes after five financial giants for subprime fraud
Three recent developments suggest that the worm is turning and that the criminal behavior of the nation's huge money-center banks might finally suffer something approaching real justice.  
By EDITORIAL  |  December 07, 2011


Why the people are more important than Wall Street

Obama's Osawatomie Moment
President Barack Obama travelled to Osawatomie, Kansas, the other day and delivered an unequivocal rebuke to current economic thinking.
By EDITORIAL  |  December 07, 2011


Barney's Big Surprise

A working-class hero goes down kvetching. Plus, new hope in the fight against AIDS.
Long before The Sopranos and Jersey Shore introduced the nation to the ripe effusions of the New Jersey personality, voters in and around greater Boston had accepted Barney Frank as one of the more unusual players in the political game.
By EDITORIAL  |  November 30, 2011



Old-media corporate giants seek censorship through a web-based blacklist. Plus, #occupy brutality, and D.C. deadlock.
The dinosaurs of the entertainment world ( i.e. , Hollywood movie studios and national music companies) have joined with the Business Software Alliance (which represents tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Intel) to sponsor an insidious piece of legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
By EDITORIAL  |  November 22, 2011


Evicting Occupy

Boston's challenge. Plus, pedophilia and justice, and transgendered progress.
At some point during the online reaction to the New York Police Department's eviction of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park, someone wrote: "Knock over the hive and even more bees will swarm."
By EDITORIAL  |  November 16, 2011


Probing the pain of urban violence

Anonymous Boston
To comprehend that violence takes on our minority neighborhoods — and the skewed distortions the media conveys of those tragedies — you could begin by visiting the exhibition now on display at the Fourth Wall Project, 132 Brookline Avenue, near Kenmore Square.
By EDITORIAL  |  November 09, 2011


Fenway rip-off

Sweetheart deal screws taxpayers
The eye-opening report by Northeastern University's Initiative for Investigative Reporting details how the steely-eyed management of the Boston Red Sox, lined its own pockets with sums totaling an estimated $45 million.
By EDITORIAL  |  November 09, 2011


Obama's black eye

He promised hope and transparency, but now wants to allow government lies. Plus, vote for Boston City Council
President Barack Obama is going former president George W. Bush and ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair one better.
By EDITORIAL  |  November 02, 2011


For Boston City Council

Re-elect Arroyo, Connolly, Murphy, and Pressley. Vote for Frank, Lee, and Jackson.
Boston city councilors enjoy relatively high political profiles, but in reality they labor under the tight constraints of a strong-mayor system.
By EDITORIAL  |  October 26, 2011


Hi ho, Hillary

Libyan policy seems to be: Keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent surprise visit to Libya, the site of America's latest and most bafflingly ill-defined military intervention, suggests two things.
By EDITORIAL  |  October 19, 2011


Occupy America

Whether on Wall Street or in Boston, we're all in this together
Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Maine...
By EDITORIAL  |  October 17, 2011


Afghanistan: 10 years of war

Artist and critic Greg Cook confronts the experience
October 7, 2001. Military jets slice through the skies of Afghanistan, marking the beginning of what has evolved into the longest war in American history.
By EDITORIAL  |  October 06, 2011


Transgendered rights

The time to act is now
A bill to extend basic legal protections to transgendered people in Massachusetts has languished for years on Beacon Hill. It is time to stop stalling.
By EDITORIAL  |  September 28, 2011


Obama’s jobs plan is a step in the right direction

Notes on class warfare
President Barack Obama's September 8 speech outlining his new jobs program — and the tax policies needed to finance it — was a sign of hope.
By EDITORIAL  |  September 22, 2011


What's wrong with the Palestinians' U.N. gambit

A dangerous charade
The Palestinian campaign to upgrade their diplomatic status at the United Nations is a train wreck in the making.
By EDITORIAL  |  September 14, 2011


Ten years later

Despite a natural reticence, it's time for a reality check
Taking stock of ourselves as a nation on this anniversary may seem to be an arbitrary exercise. Isn't that what the nightly news is for? Or Google alerts? Neat little report cards about discrete topics hinting at how we are doing.
By EDITORIAL  |  September 07, 2011

casinos dice 2

In a job-starved economy, casinos are still a good bet

The issue provoked a rare show of common purpose on Beacon Hill
As Beacon Hill considers — yet again — an expanded gaming proposal, some say that the opportunity has passed. We disagree, and continue to support a carefully crafted plan for bringing resort casinos to Massachusetts.
By EDITORIAL  |  August 31, 2011
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