Booze Your Own Adventure: Navigating the Boston Cocktail Summit

By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  September 26, 2012

On October 4–6, the first-ever Boston Cocktail Summit will slake the city’s thirst for knowledge with more than 75 seminars, tastings, and parties at hotels and watering holes around town. We’ve assembled an interactive guide that hits some highlights. Read on and drink up.

  • The best of Oktoberfest beers
    The Oktoberfest style of beer actually predates the first Oktoberfest celebration of 200 years ago. The other name by which this ancient style is known gives us a hint of its true roots: Märzen.
  • Time for thanks
    The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock nearly 400 years ago, shortly after running out of beer. Certainly beer was consumed the following year at the first Thanksgiving. So surely beer belongs at your own table this Thanksgiving!
  • Health 'n' hops
    Thomas Jefferson once asserted that beer, when drank in moderation, "promotes health." Trappist monks in Belgium and the Netherlands referred to it as "liquid bread."
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