"This could be slightly embarrassing, with the copious amounts of cottage cheese and oatmeal and Honey Nut Cheerios and iced coffee I consume," says West Bridge chef-owner Matt Gaudet after we convince him to let us peek into one week of his diet. Every day entails one to two quarts of iced coffee, and, like many chefs, Gaudet often eats on the go — wolfing down grub from a pint container while standing in his Kendall Square kitchen or making a meal out of occasional bites swiped from the walk-in. He's a creature of habit, we discovered, right down to his frequent exclamations of "Delicious!" Read on for a taste of his routine.

A bowl of Whole Foods' brand of Honey Nut Cheerios, some sort of chicken-and-rice-type thing in a pint container for family meal, various bites of calamari, carrots, quinoa, dehydrated shitake mushrooms, lettuces. Then, a large bowl of pho tai with meatballs and vegetables from Lê's in Harvard Square and a few scoops of Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone Dream.

Delicious bowl of oatmeal and then many bites of bok choy slaw and BBQ braised beef tongue for the forthcoming evening at the Bon Me truck on the Greenway. One bánh mì for me, as well as one pork-butter crostini. At home, the better half of a pint of cottage cheese (again, the Whole Foods Horizon brand — the best, trust me!) and three Dale's Pale Ales.

Oatmeal again! There was some kind of pasta-like thing for family meal, no more than a pint for me. More continuous tasting of dishes as they go out to the customers, bread and butter, a taste of the newly received ice cream. A few delicious Sungold tomatoes, too. At home I had a pile of Life Alive food and three more Dale's!

Not too much to start the day, just some general grazing through the walk-in: lettuces, tomatoes, blanched beans, and a bowl of those Cheerios. But tacos for dinner — three for family meal. Delicious! A late-night turkey- and Muenster-cheese sandwich while calling in the order and a couple of beers at home.

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