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John Rogers' twisted logic

Would-be MA House Speaker John Rogers seems to be contradicting himself, big time, in a new State House News Service article on jockeying to succeed Sal DiMasi, who's leaving office amid a flurry of scandals.

First, here's Rogers, who's currently the House Majority Leader, giving reporter Jim O'Sullivan his argument for delaying the vote on DiMasi's successor:

“It’s an important office in Massachusetts and it’s not a coronation,” Rogers, the House’s most recent majority leader, told the News Service during a telephone interview Sunday night. “It’s a public office and the citizens of Massachusetts should have a greater say ... and should have a greater opportunity to weigh in with their respective representatives.

Got that?

Next, here's Rogers--who's vying with House Ways and Means chair Bob DeLeo to replace DiMasi--charging that DiMasi reneged a deal he and Rogers allegedly made back in '04:

The Norwood Democrat also accused DiMasi of violating an agreement they reached in 2004 when both were jockeying to succeed then-Speaker Thomas Finneran. Rogers said DiMasi agreed to a pact, without a date certain, under which Rogers would succeed him.

“The understanding was crystal clear … that he would go first and I would go second,” Rogers told the News Service in a telephone interview Sunday night, saying DiMasi agreed “unequivocally.”

Rogers said he and DiMasi sealed the arrangement with a handshake across a dining room table, with Finneran looking on. “Talk to Tom Finneran, he was there,” Rogers said.

  If you can figure out how to reconcile Point A with Point B, please let me know.

  • aging cynic said:

    Anyone who thinks the State House is about anything but power should consider a couple of facts:

    1. De Masi resigns.

    2. Lobbyist for software vendor Cognos is also lobbyist for Malt Beverage Association and a DeMasi friend.

    3. NEXT DAY Deval announces tax increase on beer.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    January 31, 2009 3:54 PM
  • Rogers Camp: There was no DiMasi Succession Deal said:

    Pingback from  Rogers Camp: There was no DiMasi Succession Deal

    February 1, 2009 1:38 PM

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