A different way of looking at the fifth pick

Consolation prize for the C's?

In a way, this is good. In spite of what Bill Simmons said yesterday, we don't think Doc and Danny deserved to be rewarded for the way they've run this once-proud franchise into the ground. They've tried to rebuild the team by getting younger every year, and exactly one of those young players has started to exhibit any signs of putting it together (Al Jefferson.) Two guys have ceilings as solid useful-rotation-guys-on-a-good-team (Delonte West and Ryan Gomes). One guy looked like he might be something until blowing out his knee on a meaningless dunk after the whistle (Tony Allen). One guy will probably just keep teasing everyone with his potential (Gerald Green.) One guy we haven't really seen enough to really get a read on (Rajon Rondo) - part of the blame here lies with Doc for not playing him, and Danny for having acquired Sebastian Telfair in the first place (the less said about him, the better.) At what point is there accountability for these guys? If they intentionally tanked this season, then the gamble didn't pay off. Fair enough, but shouldn't they not have been intentionally tanking in the first place? Isn't that poor form, bad for the young guys' confidence, and a surefire way to alienate the one star veteran they do have, not to mention the fanbase? If they didn't intentionally tank, then shouldn't they be sacked for assembling and coaching a team that played so poorly, even when Pierce was on the floor?

Not that it's all bad news: one mock draft has the C's taking Joakim Noah and another has them winding up with Al Horford. Last year, the perception was that if either of those two guys had elected to enter the draft they would have been a top-two pick. From that perspective, they might make an attractive consolation prize.

But isn't the better choice trading the pick, presumably for someone older than like 25, and who isn't, you know, a shoot-first point guard who can't shoot and who doesn't have a sketchy personal background.

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