Never Wash Your Underwear Again

Don't you just hate it when you pee yourself, and then have to endure the excruciating hassle of taking your underwear off, putting it in the washing machine, adding the right amount of soap, and - ugh - pushing the 'start' button? Not to MENTION all the aggravation of putting them in the dryer!

Well, lazy incontinents, your problems have been solved.

No Wash Underwear, designed by a UMass medical student, wasn't originally conceived as a gag (though gag you will), but as an actual product, created for actual pants-peers. And pooers! This underwear might just be the mullet of clothing; though instead of business in the front, party in the back, it's yellow in the front, and brown in the back, so stains don't show, and you don't have to worry about frivolities like laundry soap.

The underwear only comes in boxer shorts. Sorry, ladies. You'll have to keep crossing your legs. Or get over your hang-ups about unsightly smears and smudges. 


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