Google hack? Free parking for Ted Kennedy viewing at . . . Spookyworld?


As we were perusing the internets this evening to figure out where we're going to stow the car tomorrow morning when we go down to Columbia Point to say a personal farewell to Senator Ted Kennedy -- we declined the three-hour-wait tonight -- we found ourselves Googling the Bayside Expo Center, which is providing free parking and shuttles to JFK Library for the occasion

Oddly, Google is insistent that the website for Bayside Expo Center is Yes, that Spookyworld: the seasonal gory themepark that brings teenaged metalheads dressed as zombies and ax murderers to rural locations each Halloween for the express purpose of scaring the bejeesus out of people for fun and profit.

For a minute we thought perhaps there was some plausible explanation -- maybe Spookyworld had rented the Bayside for the upcoming Halloween season. But no: according to the site, Spookyworld is setting up shop this October in New Hampshire. They've also got a Twitter feed and have begun taunting our pals at WFNX's morning show, the Sandbox.

If this was some kind of uncanny AdWords product placement, we applaud it as genius. If it was some crazybrains birthers making some kind of overly subtle dig about Mary Jo Kopechne, we deplore it. Mostly, we await an explanation. In the meantime, we suggest that you don't hang outside the Raven's Claw or the House of Eternal Darkness expecting to hitch a ride to the Kennedys. 


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